The Dundalk Eagle


- By Fifi Ro­driguez Arts · Samhain · AC/DC · AC/DC · Louis XIV of France

1. GE­OG­RA­PHY: Which modern city was orig­i­nally named Byzan­tium?

2. AD SLO­GANS: Which na­tional com­pany’s slo­gan is “We’ll leave a light on for you”?

3. ANATOMY: Which bone are babies born with­out?

4. HIS­TORY: Which Euro­pean monarch was known as the “Sun King”?

5. GEN­ERAL KNOWL­EDGE: What is Samhain?

6. MED­I­CAL TERMS: What is the con­di­tion for­mally known as di­astema?

7. ART: Which fa­mous paint­ing is also known as “La Gio­conda”?

8. LIT­ER­A­TURE: Where does Win­nie-the-Pooh live with his friends?

9. MU­SIC: Which coun­try is the rock group AC/DC from?

10. FOOD & DRINK: What is the pri­mary in­gre­di­ent in tra­di­tional hummus?

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