He’s un­afraid to tackle even the most stress­ful con­fronta­tions

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The amaz­ing and un­matched im­prove­ments in Amer­ica’s econ­omy and un­matched in­creases in job avail­abil­ity for ev­ery­one who wants one prove to Amer­i­can vot­ers that we had been un­nec­es­sar­ily made to suf­fer for years un­der the pre­vi­ous Demo­crat pres­i­dent. He had lit­tle busi­ness, eco­nomic, lead­er­ship or ne­go­ti­at­ing ex­per­tise. Only now are most Amer­i­can fam­i­lies see­ing what a change in our top lead­er­ship is do­ing for them.

Pres­i­dent Trump’s “Amer­ica-first” strat­egy in for­eign ne­go­ti­a­tions is very smart. It helps the mid­dle class and all Amer­i­can mi­nori­ties, all women as well as men, and it is es­pe­cially great for the work­ing classes. Noth­ing could be bet­ter for Amer­i­cans than Trump’s plan to fi­nally level the in­ter­na­tional play­ing fields to keep Amer­i­cans from con­tin­u­ously be­ing cheated by al­most ev­ery coun­try in the world.

Pres­i­dent Trump made it clear to Eu­rope and the world that he won’t ac­cept any un­fair­ness in trade. He went af­ter Eu­rope, em­bar­rass­ing them into pay­ing a much higher share for NATO’s de­fenses. Then, he went af­ter China, point­ing out an es­ti­mated up to $600 bil­lion an­nual trade im­bal­ance. Trump’s ac­tions and ne­go­ti­a­tions with for­eign­ers, al­ways from a po­si­tion of strength, will con­tinue re­duc­ing our deficits and have the long-term ef­fect of mak­ing our gov­ern­ment much more ef­fi­cient again, mean­ing even lower taxes. All Amer­i­cans will be far bet­ter off. Our econ­omy is boom­ing.

Many Amer­i­cans may not un­der­stand ex­actly how Pres­i­dent Trump makes all these im­prove­ments for Amer­ica’s peo­ple at a time when many in the rest of the world is suf­fer­ing dy­ing economies and job short­ages. All we have to do to keep this progress go­ing is to re­li­giously vote for both Trump and for sup­port­ive Repub­li­can leg­is­la­tors.

As the most pow­er­ful coun­try in the world, do we re­ally want a weak pres­i­dent like we’ve had so many times in the past? Pres­i­dent Trump is to­tally un­afraid to tackle even the most stress­ful con­fronta­tions. He won’t let us be cheated any longer.

Richard Nav­ickas,


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