The Family Handyman - - BY JEFF GORTON -

Cut a con­tin­u­ous hinge to the height of the swing-out us­ing a hack­saw with a fine-tooth blade. Po­si­tion the hinge so that it can fold over the front of the swing-out and drive a screw at the top and bot­tom. Then drive the re­main­ing screws. with a hack­saw. De­ter­mine which side of the swing-out is op­po­site the cab­i­net door and mount the hinge to this side

shows how to at­tach the swingout to your wall cab­i­net.

8 Fig­ure B (Photo 7). Photo

shows how to in­stall the edg­ing pieces on the shelves and side pieces. Fin­ish up by screw­ing the side shelf sup­ports to the sides of the cab­i­net and in­stalling the shelves. Mount a mag­netic catch to the top of the wall cab­i­net to hold the swing-out in place.

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