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With the right blade or grind­ing disc, you can cut al­most any kind of metal. The key is to match the blade to the ma­te­rial.

There are two types of metal: fer­rous and non­fer­rous. (The term “fer­rous” is de­rived from the Latin word “fer­rum,” which means iron.) Any metal that con­tains iron is a fer­rous metal and re­quires a fer­rous-metal-cut­ting blade. Steel an­gle iron, steel roof­ing, re­bar and steel bolts are ex­am­ples of fer­rous-metal build­ing ma­te­ri­als. Most metal-cut­ting blades and discs are la­beled for cut­ting ei­ther non­fer­rous or fer­rous metal.

The two most com­mon non­fer­rous met­als DIYers need to cut are alu­minum and cop­per. Non­fer­rous met­als are usu­ally softer and easier to cut than fer­rous met­als.

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