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Gross things hap­pen when a clog breaks free. It’s a good idea to step out of the way.

The drain line on my air con­di­tioner was clogged. I called an air con­di­tioner con­trac­tor, and he de­cided to clear it by blast­ing com­pressed air down the line from up­stairs. My job was to wait out­side at the end of the drain line to see if any­thing came out.

I sta­tioned my­self to watch, as in­structed, but I didn’t stand back quite far enough. In an in­stant, I was show­ered with pu­trid water and de­bris! Shocked, I stood there un­able to move—just long enough for him to send an­other blast of air, show­er­ing me again. Next time, I’ll be in charge of the air and some­one else can wait out­side!

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