Straight­en­ing walls

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Here are the most com­mon meth­ods for straight­en­ing walls:

1. At­tach a long 2-by brace to a stud near the top of the wall.

2. Nail two an­chor blocks to the floor fram­ing at the end of the brace. Add two more lever blocks a cou­ple of feet in from the an­chor blocks.

3. Fas­ten the lever board to the brace with a few closely spaced nails.

4. Have some­one sight the wall top plates for straight­ness while you lever the wall un­til it’s straight.

5. Hold it in po­si­tion and nail the end of the brace to the an­chor blocks.

An­chor blocks Lever board NailLever block Brace

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