Is Your Square Square?

Fram­ing squares—even brand-new ones—aren’t re­li­ably square.

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1 To test your square, place the tongue (the short part) against the fac­tory edge of a sheet of ply­wood and make a line along the body (the long part) us­ing a sharp pen­cil.

2 Flip the square and line up the body with the line you just made. If it lines up per­fectly, you have a square square.

3 If it doesn’t line up per­fectly, you can try to fix it (next step). You’ll need a cen­ter punch, a ham­mer and some­thing to use as an anvil, such as your vise (a wood sur­face doesn’t work).

4 If your square is less than 90 de­grees, set it on your “anvil” and punch the in­side cor­ner hard enough to make a dim­ple. Squeezed be­tween the punch and the anvil, the metal moves out­ward. Recheck the square, start­ing with a new line. In­crease the dim­ple as needed, recheck­ing each time you strike the square.

5 If your square is more than 90 de­grees, dim­ple the out­side cor­ner.

If you’re shop­ping for a new square, grab a hand­ful of them, take them to the ply­wood aisle, sharp pen­cil in hand, and test them first.

Cen­ter punch

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