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Author: James McPike, Fresno

De­scrip­tion: In the year 1866, a ship named the Gen­eral Grant loses course on its epic voy­age to Lon­don and crashes on a Subantarc­tic is­land off the coast of New Zea­land. Leg­end has it that its cargo was one of the rich­est in his­tory. Af­ter years of mishap and mis­for­tune, no one has been able to lo­cate it.

In comes Roy Berenger, one of the world’s fore­most ex­perts on sal­vaging ship­wrecks. Re­cruited to solve the mystery once and for all, he must use all his trade­mark tal­ents and wits to un­cover the his­toric ship­wreck. But in or­der to find it, he must brave the per­ils of hy­pother­mia, great white sharks, high­sea squalls and hu­man treach­ery.

His­toric fic­tion. Avail­able on Ama­zon, $17.95 for print, $5.95 for Kin­dle, jamesm­ retells his jour­ney as a child in Turk­menistan as he and oth­ers fled per­se­cu­tion from the Soviet Union and found so­lace in Iran. Set in 1930s and ‘40s Per­sia, “Trekking Through Tri­als” fol­lows a vil­lage of Rus­sians as they try to sur­vive in a for­eign land, re­ly­ing on their faith in God to make a liv­ing and stay true to their prin­ci­ples.

Avail­able on shelves at Pe­tu­nia’s Place and the Ad­ven­tist Book Cen­ter; on Ama­zon, $24.99 for print, $8.99 for Kin­dle

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