A cul­ture is be­ing lost, but it can be re­gained

The Garden Island - - Morning Briefing -

I have been on the streets here on Kauai al­most five years. I wouldn’t change any­thing ex­cept the way I have been treated by teenagers, young adults and some older adults as well.

Most of these I re­fer to have ei­ther lost or sold their self re­spect to crys­tal meth. It is dis­gust­ing. The mere thought of it and the thought of some­one else hav­ing it cre­ates such jeal­ousy.

This drug has caused more de­struc­tion on the is­land than any other dis­as­ter known to date. Ev­ery­thing this is­land has stood for from the be­gin­ning is all but wiped out. The myths, the le­gends I once visu­ally dreamed of, seem like a fairly tale or just a lie.

I re­mem­ber how ex­cited I’d be­come at the mere fact the early Poly­ne­sians learned to nav­i­gate by the stars and how that came from a deep de­sire in the soul. Ev­ery­thing had a pur­pose. There was mean­ing in ev­ery­thing. They pre­sented with real pas­sion. As a young kid, that in­spired most in this world. Even chose to have real Hawai­ian val­ues and taught them the ways of the old.

I am so proud of them and all of the fam­i­lies. How we hang on to the Hawai­ian na­tion is through the keiki. Al­though our kupuna and teach­ers set the pace, some­where we got lost in the ways of the Western civ­i­liza­tion and the Poly­ne­sian cul­ture was lost. We have to open our eyes and ac­knowl­edge the na­tive cul­ture is all but ex­tinct and has suc­cumbed to the Western ways of de­struc­tion.

I’ve trav­eled to most ev­ery con­ti­nent, and have found this is­land to be one of the worst. I find it dis­ap­point­ing by far. I am not blam­ing any one thing, ex­cept our own lack of re­spon­si­bil­ity. If we don’t take con­trol of how we act we are not go­ing to be able to re­gain re­spect. It isn’t go­ing to be pretty.

Ev­ery­thing our an­ces­tors worked so hard for, our king­dom, will be lost.

This is God’s coun­try and the par­adise of the Pa­cific. Let’s not lose it, let’s live it. This is a bless­ing. Edie Barsch Kauai

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