Med­i­cal field seems to be push­ing opi­oids

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Last year I went to the emer­gency room at the hos­pi­tal. I was in pain and the doc­tor did an MRI. I was of­fered an opi­oid for pain an also an opi­oid pre­scrip­tion. I ex­plained to the doc­tor that I am a re­cov­er­ing ad­dict (38 years clean).

The doc­tor ex­plained that if I re­fused opi­oids that I had to sign a form that I was of­fered opi­oids and re­fused them. He went on to ex­plain that the state of Hawaii re­quires that a doc­tor opi­oids to pa­tients in pain, or claim­ing to be in pain, even if they are known drug ad­dicts.

The doc­tor was on pro­ba­tion for re­fus­ing a pre­scrip­tion for opi­oids to a per­son he knew was a hard­core ad­dict. I not only was forced to sign the state­ment that I was of­fered a pre­scrip­tion for opi­oids, I also re­ceived a call a month later that the doc­tor did of­fer them to me. Why is the state of Hawaii push­ing opi­oid use? Read an ar­ti­cle that Kauai is su­ing over opi­oids. Why not sue the state of Hawaii? Joseph Browne Koloa

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