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Ed­i­tor’s Note: This let­ter was sent to the Abing­ton Board of Com­mis­sion­ers. Dear Abing­ton sion­ers:

te in Abing­ton live in an out­stand­ing com­mu­nity, so much so that we have re­ceived numer­ous awards from Money Mag­a­zine and Colin Pow­ell’s Amer­ica’s Prom­ise. vet, there has long been one prob­lem that needs to be turned around once and for all: That is, we get our own way with an un­der­cur­rent of neg­a­tiv­ity to­ward re­ceiv­ing im­prove­ments, new con­ve­niences and ser­vices.

te moved to the Over­look Hills sec­tion of Abing­ton in 19T8 and were im­me­di­ately asked to at­tend meet­ings and sign a pe­ti­tion against the pro­posed til­low Grove Park mall. te did nei­ther as we were ex­cited to have a lo­cal mall that would pre-

Com­mis- clude traips­ing to Mont­gomeryville or Ply­mouth Meet­ing. te were warned about hav­ing to con­tend with adGLWLRnDO WrDI­fiF Rn RXr nHLJKbor­hood blocks. te lived on Maple­wood Av­enue for seven years and af­ter the mall ZDs EXLOW, WKH flRZ RI WrDI­fiF never changed in any no­tice­able way on our neigh­bor­hood streets.

In the mid ’8Ms, we moved to the neigh­bor­hood be­hind Abing­ton Hospi­tal, now known as High­land Farms. Over the years, we have ob­served the un­der­cur­rent of neg­a­tiv­ity that erupts against other en­hance­ments. To point out a few: then Abing­ton School District wanted to build a wor­thy sta­dium on its prop­erty, there was a neigh­bor­hood out­cry against it. Thank­fully, the school district suc­cess­fully found ways to ease neigh­bors’ lights, noise, WrDI­fiF DnG JHnHrDO DWWrDFWLYH­ness con­cerns. te now have D firsW-FODss sWDGLXP WKDW has greatly im­proved both school spirit and the cam­pus it­self, and has been the site of many vic­to­ries for our tal­ented ath­letic teens.

te watched as an­other neigh­bor­hood fought against the tilliard Corp. that wanted to tear down a long­va­cant build­ing at High­land Av­enue and thar­ton ooad. Signs against the cor­po­ra­tion went up through­out the nearby neigh­bor­hood, but even­tu­ally, the empty build­ing was torn down and an at­trac­tive and use­ful LA Fit­ness went up with pleas­ant prop­erty en­hance­ments.

Since it di­rectly af­fected us, we re­call when Abing­ton Hospi­tal wanted to ex­pand and close off ooute 611 ac­cess from both Keith and tood­land roads. In­ter­est­ingly, no signs with u-ed out “Abing­ton Hospi­tal” went up in our neigh­bor­hood. te all were helped to un­der­stand this ex­pan­sion of a much needed and re­spected hospi­tal in the midst of our com­mu­nity. te worked with the hospi­tal and our com­mis­sioner at the time, and a plan was ac­cepted.

But now, we once again see those u-ed out signs, this time against tawa, in the Baed­er­wood sec­tion of Abing­ton, in­clud­ing on streets far enough away not to be af­fected. It re­minds me of when folks who do not even live in the neigh­bor­hood im­me­di­ately be­hind the site of the ear­lier pro­posed T-Eleven came out so ve­he­mently against that cor­po­ra­tion open­ing a lo­ca­tion in the 11MM block of 611. The pro­posed tawa ZLWK JDs ZRXOG sLJnL­fiFDnWOy

im­prove a cur­rently blighted prop­erty on 611 by Baeder ooad, and it would bring com­pet­i­tive, lower-priced gas to our com­mu­nity so we all would not have to drive into rp­per Moreland Town­ship for Gi­ant gas or over to Hor­sham for Sam’s Club gas. If the neigh­bors IHDU LQFUHDSHG WUDI­fiF RQ their streets, re­mem­ber, we are all your neigh­bors; we are al­ready driv­ing on your roads as you drive on ours to get to var­i­ous places in our com­mu­nity. vou are not go­ing to ex­pe­ri­ence some LQflUx RI SHRSOH IURP RWKHU com­mu­ni­ties or the city. Those tran­sients will con­tinue to move up and down our 611 thor­ough­fare.

te in­vite you to con­sider those times when you have been out of town on busi­ness or for a va­ca­tion. then you re­turn, there are those mo­ments when you are able to view your com­mu­nity with fresh eyes, see­ing the things you ap­pre­ci­ate and the places that are ugly and in need of at­ten­tion. As you travel up and down 611 be­tween Moreland ooad at the north end, and Town­ship Line ooad at the south end, try to see the many cur­rent ar­eas that are empty or blighted and be grate­ful that we have de­vel­op­ers who want to im­prove and en­hance.

te fought T-Eleven last yHDU, QRw wH DUH fiJKWLQJ tawa. Do we want our com­mu­nity to have the rep­u­ta­tion of al­ways be­ing against im­prove­ments and ser­vices? Most com­mu­ni­ties can­not wait to have a tawa with gas.

Com­mis­sion­ers, we beg you to get us turned around from this “not here” at­ti­tude and move for­ward with those who want to im­prove and en­hance. Cur­rently, Gi­ant, the only game in most of our town, has left us with an empty an­chor in the Abing­ton shop­ping cen­ter. And as far as we know to date, Gi­ant plans to con­tinue paying to keep that build­ing empty for all of us for an­other eight years un­til the lease ex­pires. That leaves the shop­ping cen­ter mer­chants we value to strug­gle to stay there. Let us be a wel­com­ing com­mu­nity to de­cent busi­nesses. If noth­ing else, it will keep our pock­et­books a lit­tle fat­ter with real es­tate val­ues that held re­mark­ably well when val­ues in other area plum­meted a few years ago.

te ask that you please weigh our view and con­sider vot­ing yes to the pro­posed Su­per tawa so that the en­tire com­mu­nity can EHQH­fiW IURP DQ LQFUHDSHG num­ber of jobs and lo­cal, lower-priced gas. te strongly sus­pect that the Baed­er­wood com­mu­nity im­me­di­ately be­hind this nar­row strip of prop­erty will ad­just hap­pily in the end, just as we all now feel pos­i­tive about the mall, the high school sta­dium and the hospi­tal ex­pan­sion. Thank you, oose­mary and Alan

Hin­kle Abing­ton

Ted should do his re­search

To the ed­i­tor:

Please al­low me to com­ment on Ted Tay­lor’s re­cent col­umn, “Meet­ing the Glen­side Kid and Twinkies,” and cor­rect him on his stance that the demise of Host­ess Bak­ing Ethe com­pany that brought us Ding Dongs, Devil Dogs and Drake’s CakesF was “an­other in­stance of or­ga­nized la­bor push­ing its own mem­bers down the gang plank.”

Like the recipe list you might find on a Twinkie

that’s a

lot of wrap­per, junk.

tall Street in­vestors pur­chased a prof­itable Host­ess Bak­ing Co. about a decade ago and quickly loaded it with debt, a la Bain Cap­i­tal. They promised new equip­ment, de­liv­ery trucks and an in­vest­ment in mod­ern bak­ing tech­nolo­gies and equip­ment that would keep Host­ess com­pet­i­tive, but those in­vest­ments never ma­te­ri­al­ized. In 2M11, Host­ess earned prof­its of more than A2. R bil­lion, but ended the year with a loss of A341 mil­lion, all the while strug­gling to pay the in­ter­est on A1 bil­lion in debt that the new man­age­ment team loaded it with. This year, the com­pany sought bank­ruptcy pro­tec­tion again - the sec­ond time in eight years.

In 2MM8, to help keep the com­pany afloat, the union work­ers — who had not got­ten a raise in eight years — took a 3M per­cent pay cut and made other var­i­ous con­ces­sions.

that hap­pened? The CEO and 38 other ex­ec­u­tives who brought on the lat­est bank­ruptcy all got bonuses.

Host­ess’ fa­mous prod­ucts are now all be­ing sold off to the high­est bid­ders and its 18,MMM work­ers — with fam­i­lies and lit­tle kids, and mort­gages — JRW fiUHG. , WKLQN SRPH RI the ex­ec­u­tives should be shown that gang plank.

I am not, nor ever was a union mem­ber, but in or­der to un­der­stand what really hap­pened in re­gard to Host­ess Bak­ing’s demise, I did some re­search be­fore writ­ing this. I sug­gest Mr. Tay­lor does the same in the fu­ture. Terry McNa­mara


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