Mckin­ley com­mu­nity takes part in book fundraiser

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In an ef­fort to sup­port the school’s li­brary, McKin­ley Ele­men­tary has part­nered with the Wil­low Grove Barnes & No­ble for a night of lit­er­acy, where stu­dents and WKHLr pDrHnWV rHDG DnG purFKDVHG ERRNV.

Ap­prR[LPDWHly 20 pHrFHnW RI WKH nLJKW’V pro­ceeds go to pur­chas­ing books and other sup­plies for the li­brary, said McKin­ley’s HHDG LLErDrLDn LDurHn SWrRKHFNHr.

“This is a fun night for stu­dents and their par­ents to find books they like and can share to­gether,” said McKin­ley Ele­men­tary Prin­cipDl &KDr­lHV LHnW]. “,W JHWV VWuGHnWV HnJDJHG in read­ing and ex­posed to many dif­fer­ent WypHV RI ERRNV. TKLV LV Rur ILrVW yHDr KRVWLnJ the event at the Wil­low Grove Barnes & NRElH. TKH prHvLRuV IRur yHDrV ZH KDG LW DW WKH -HnNLnWRZn BDrnHV & NRElH.”

Dur­ing the evening stu­dents had the op­por­tu­nity to par­tic­i­pate in a dragon scav­enger hunt, sip a sig­na­ture drink of­fered by WKH SWDrEuFNV FDIé LnVLGH WKH VWRrH, lRRN DW the stu­dent art work on dis­play and lis­ten to the McKin­ley hon­ors cho­rus sing a few KRlLGDy VRnJV.

Many of the stu­dents spent their time pe­rus­ing books with their class­mates and pDrHnWV.

Fifth-graders Nina Harkins and Lily Miles spent time in the chil­dren’s de­part­ment look­ing through books in the “CupFDNH DLDrLHV” VHrLHV.

Nina said one of her fa­vorite books is “WRnGHr” Ey R.-. PDlDFLR, DnG VDLG VKH HnMRyV rHDGLnJ EHFDuVH LW’V Iun.

“I like read­ing be­cause I like vi­su­al­iz­ing the FKDrDFWHrV DnG VFHnHV Ln Py KHDG,” LLly VDLG.

Fel­low stu­dent Hadara Greenidge, who was look­ing for Na­tional Ge­o­graphic’s “UlWLPDWH WHLrG EuW TruH: 1,000 WLlG DnG Wacky Facts and Pho­tos,” said she likes read­ing be­cause she en­joys learn­ing about VWrDnJH IDFWV, HVpHFLDlly DERuW PDrLnH lLIH.

Nearby, sec­ond-grader Tris­tan McKeough was look­ing for Lego books and the new­est in­stall­ment in the “Di­ary of a WLPpy KLG” VHrLHV ZLWK KLV PRP.

“Tris­tan loves the ‘Di­ary of a Wimpy Kid’ ERRNV,’” VDLG KLV PRP, HHDWKHr. “HH lRvHV WR uVH KLV LPDJLnDWLRn ZKLlH rHDGLnJ.”

OWKHr VWuGHnWV JDWKHrHG DrRunG WKrHH spe­cial book ta­bles that were set up in the PLGGlH RI WKH FKLlGrHn’V GHpDrWPHnW.

TKH firVW WDElH, WKH MFKLn­lHy WLVK List ta­ble, gave stu­dents the op­por­tu­nity to pur­chase a book to do­nate to the li- ErDry. APRnJ WKRVH ERRNV ZHrH “DuFN & GRRVH” Ey TDG HLllV, “SplDW SDyV TKDnN YRu” Ey RRE SFRWWRn DnG “HHllR, HHllR” Ey MDWWKHZ &RrGHll.

The other ta­bles had a va­ri­ety of books rHFRPPHnGHG Ey PHn­nVylvDnLD YRunJ RHDGHrV DnG SWrRKHFNHr VuFK DV “MLVV Brooks, Loves Books” by Bar­bara Bot­tner DnG “TKH OnH & Only ,vDn” Ey KDWKHrLnH Ap­plHJDWH.

Par­ent Eric Moss was pur­su­ing the rec­om­mended book ta­bles with his sons, An­drew and Jake, who are also stu­dents at MFKLn­lHy.

“My kids love to read and all I have to GR LV NHHp WKHP Ln Vup­ply,” MRVV VDLG. “They like the ‘Harry Porter’ and ‘Di­ary of a Wimpy Kid’ se­ries, be­cause they get LnWR WKH FKDrDFWHrV. , lLNH rHDGLnJ WR WKHP WRR. WH KDvH rHDG ‘TrHDVurH ,VlDnG’ DnG ‘TRP SDZyHr.’ ‘TrHDVurH ,VlDnG’ ZDV WKH most fun to read be­cause I could do all the pLrDWH vRLFHV.”

Each night be­fore bed, Moss said his VRnV rHDG.

“We turn off the com­puter and TV and WKHy rHDG,” KH VDLG. “SRPHWLPHV WKHy rHDG IRr 30 PLnuWHV.”

Par­ents read­ing with their chil­dren, in D vDrLHWy RI ZDyV, FDn EH vHry EHnH­fiFLDl, said McKin­ley read­ing spe­cial­ist Deaitra BrDGlHy.

“I strug­gled with read­ing, but my parHnWV ZRrNHG ZLWK PH,” VKH VDLG. “WH KDG our own fam­ily read­ing time and around VHFRnG JrDGH D lLJKW ElRE ZHnW RII.”

Bradley said that many young read­ers strug­gle with read­ing com­pre­hen­sion and pho­ne­mic DZDrHnHVV. BuW Ey prRvLGLnJ rHDGLnJ PDWHrLDl about a child’s hobby or play­ing word fo­cused JDPHV lLNH SFrDEElH DnG BRJJlH, BrDGlHy VDLG FKLlGrHn ZLll HnMRy rHDGLnJ PRrH.

“[It’s im­por­tant] to keep kids read­ing so that a light blob will go off for them so they NnRZ WKHy FDn GR LW,” VKH VDLG.

Amelia Goode and her mother, Karen, look over a ta­ble of teacher­rec­om­mended books.

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