Direc­tors con­cerned with pos­si­ble state cuts


over PM per­centK

“We are seek­ing res­o­lu­tions from our leg­is­la­ture,” Viletto saidK “Tax­pay­ers will be charged ad­di­tion­ally each year [to cover it]K”

Fi­nally, the school board passed a res­o­lu­tion ask­ing leg­is­la­ture to re­form char­ter and cy­ber-char­ter school fund­ingK

Cur­rently, ac­cord­ing to the res­o­lu­tion, char­ter and cy­ber-char­ter schools re­ceive the amount of money it would cost to ed­u­cate a child in the dis­trictK The money is paid by the district and has not been re­im­bursed by the state since OMNNK Viletto said RYHU WKH ODVW fiYH yHDUV, RYHU A4 mil­lion of tax­payer money has gone to cy­ber-char­ter VFKRROV VSHFL­fiFDOOy.

“Whereas, the state’s flDZHG FKDUWHU VFKRRO IunGLnJ for­mula is cost­ing tax­pay­ers hun­dreds of mil­lions in ad­di­tional tax dol­lars, as Penn­syl­va­nia’s school dis­tricts are fac­ing un­prece­dented eco­nomic chal­lenges;” the res­o­lu­tion saidK “Now, there­fore, be it re­solved that the Board of pchool Direc­tors of the pchool District of Chel­tenham Town­ship urges its district’s state leg­is­la­tors to sup­port leg­is­la­tion to cor­rect the tuition in­equities un­der the cur­rent char­ter school fund­ing for­mula so that the fund­ing re­ceived by the char­ter school UHflHFWV WKH WUuH FRVW RI HGu­cat­ing the child, thus re­liev­ing WKH finDnFLDO EuUGHn FKDUWHU schools place on school dis­tricts and en­sur­ing that lo­cal tax­pay­ers are not over­pay­ing for the ser­vices th­ese schools provideK”

The res­o­lu­tions were passed unan­i­mously, ex­cept for the pen­sion re­form res­o­lu­tionK Board mem­ber Marc Leiber­son ab­stained from the vote and did not give a rea­sonK

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