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Find out how much you re­mem­ber of sci­ence and health in 2012 by tak­ing our 30th an­nual quiz.

1) A foot­ball player is safe from head in­jury by wear­ing a foot­ball hel­met. True or false?

2) When the wind from a hur­ri­cane stops blow­ing and the sky clears of clouds, it’s still not safe to go out­side un­til the hur­ri­cane has passed. True or false?

3) 1A6A VHnW D UHFHnW URYHU WR 0DUV to look for life. True or false?

4) If you feel de­pressed, it doesn’t mat­ter if you went to col­lege. True or false?

5) A rel­a­tively close Earth-like planet was re­cently found be­yond our so­lar sys­tem but it won’t have life. True or false?

6) It’s im­pos­si­ble to learn while you’re asleep. True or false?

7) 7KH fiUVW FORnH RI Dn DnLPDO WRRk place in 2012. True or false?

8) Asperger’s dis­or­der, and many other con­di­tions, will have their name changed by the Amer­i­can Med­i­cal As­so­ci­a­tion. True or false?

9) Mas­sive ar­eas of ice melt at the 6RuWK 3ROH DnG WKH 1RUWK 3ROH. 7UuH or false?

10) Although in­her­i­tance is im­por­tant for long life, you can help ex­tend your fu­ture by ex­er­cis­ing, eat­ing healthy, not smok­ing and avoid­ing obe­sity. True or false?


1) False. One-third of pro­fes­sional foot­ball play­ers suf­fer con­cus­sions that might lead to early symp­toms of Alzheimer’s disease, sui­ci­dal ten­denFLHV RU HPRWLRnDO LnVWDELOLWy. 1HDUOy 4 mil­lion sports-re­lated con­cus­sions oc­cur each year.

2) True. This year, we suf­fered through Hur­ri­cane Sandy which came up the At­lantic and turned left. It came ashore be­tween At­lantic City and Cape May. The eye of the hur­ri­cane was not a typ­i­cal eye. The tur­moil of a hur­ri­cane oc­curs as the wind and rain re­volve around the eye. The eye is the cen­ter where winds are calm and there’s a light breeze. The di­am­e­ter of the eye is ap­prox­i­mately 20 to 40 miles as air from above sinks down into the cen­ter and the sun may come out. The eye gives a false sense that the storm has passed. The strong­est winds are in the eye wall which sur­rounds the eye.

3) False. Cu­rios­ity was sent to Mars to ex­am­ine rocks for liq­uid water and car­bon based ma­te­rial. Cu­rios­ity has 11 VFLHnWL­fiF LnVWUuPHnWV DnG 12 FDPeras. The cam­eras send laser pulses at rock tar­gets to de­ter­mine their com­po­si­tion. A ques­tion to be ad­dressed is where did all the clays go from Mars’ Gale Crater. Water, over the years leaves clays in the craters.

4) False. One of 10 adults report de- pres­sion and women are twice as likely to de­velop de­pres­sion com­pared to men. Stud­ies have shown that peo­ple who have less than a high school di­ploma are de­pressed; those with a high school di­ploma are less de­pressed and peo­ple who had some col­lege at­ten­dance were the least de­pressed.

5) True. Although it is rel­a­tively close to Earth, it is too close to its sun, and tem­per­a­tures would be too high for life to evolve.

6) True. Ac­cord­ing to re­search by Anat Arzi and Ilana Hairston of the Weiz­mann In­sti­tute of Sci­ence in Is­raHO, SuEOLVKHG Ln 1DWuUH1HuURVFLHnFH, sleep­ing sub­jects re­acted to sounds as­so­ci­ated with pleas­ant odors and SunJHnW RGRUV GuULnJ VOHHS DV D UHflHx in breath­ing the next day when awake. The next day, a sound as­so­ci­ated with a pleas­ant odor re­sulted in a deep breath when awake. A par­tic­u­lar sound made while the sub­ject was asleep that was SODyHG wKHn Dn RGRU RI URWWHn fiVK wDV oc­cur­ring, caused a min­i­mal breath the next day. The sub­jects were un­aware of what when on dur­ing sleep.

T) False. In 1996, Dolly, a sheep, EHFDPH WKH fiUVW PDPPDO WR EH cloned from an adult cell. A cloned DnLPDO KDV RnOy RnH VHW RI D1A from one par­ent. All other off­spring are a re­sult of in­her­i­tance from a mother and fa­ther.

8) False. The Di­ag­nos­tic and Sta­tis­ti­cal Manuel of Men­tal Dis­or­ders (DSM) will be pub­lished in May 2013. This publi­ca­tion is based on the Amer­i­can Psy­chi­atric As­so­ci­a­tion. The name will be changed from Asperger’s dis­or­der to Autism Spec­trum Dis­or­der.

9) True. Ozone de­ple­tion in the Arc­tic has caused con­cern that the 1RUWKHUn HHPLVSKHUH PLJKW UHFHLYH harm­ful lev­els of ul­tra­vi­o­let ra­di­a­tion. Also, the Arc­tic sea ice cov­ered less of the Arc­tic Ocean than in any other year in at least 30 years of data.

10) True.

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