Lady Cards ease past Abing­ton

The Globe - - LETTERS - By Mike Prince

While a packed rp­per Dublin stu­dent sec­tion wDs PRsWOy fiOOHG wLWh fDns dressed in Hal­loween cos­tumes, the rp­per Dublin girls’ bas­ket­ball team was on the court look­ing like they hDYH DOO sHDsRn ORnJ.

7hDnNs WR D fDnWDsWLF fiUsW half that saw the Lady CarGLnDOs JR uS Ey PRUH WhDn 20 points, rp­per Dublin recordHG LWs 23UG FRn­sHFuWLYH YLFWRUy fROORwLnJ D 58-28 wLn RYHU AELnJWRn Ln D DLsWULFW One Class AAAA sec­ond round play­off at rp­per Dublin High School on Mon­day.

Ju­nior Re­gan Gal­lagher led the Lady Car­di­nals with 17 points, eight re­bounds, three blocked shots and WhUHH sWHDOs WR DGYDnFH WhH /DGy CDUGLnDOs (23-1), whR hDYHn’W ORsW sLnFH WhH UHJuODU sea­son opener, to the district TuDUWHUfinDOs whHUH WhHy wLOO face North Penn.

“7hH FURwG GHfinLWHOy helped us tonight,” Gal­lagher said. “We were all ready to play and they were great. ,W wDs UHDOOy RuU GHfHnsH.”

“, wDs nRW H[SHFWLnJ WhLs,” said rp­per Dublin coach Mor­gan Fun­sten, who is in hLs fiUsW yHDU Ds hHDG FRDFh Rf WhH /DGy CDUGLnDOs. “, was ex­pect­ing us to come out ready to play, but the in­ten­sity, the fo­cus that we came out with tonight is sRPHWhLnJ wH hDYHn’W hDG WhLs yHDU. WH’YH hDG suFh D great sea­son and to say that wH hDYHn’W FRPH RuW wLWh that type of fo­cus and in­ten­sity makes tonight that much PRUH DJJUHssLYH.”

rp­per Dublin put up 10 points on the board be­fore Abing­ton was able to score LWs fiUsW SRLnWs Rf WhH JDPH. And af­ter four dif­fer­ent rp­per Dublin play­ers each hit two bas­kets apiece, the /DGy CDUGLnDOs OHG 22-6 DfWHU WhH fiUsW TuDUWHU. ,n WhH sec­ond, se­nior Lau­ren Roth­fiHOG GUDLnHG hHU WhLUG WhUHH­pointer of the half and rp­per DuEOLn HYHnWuDOOy WRRN D 3211 lead into the locker room.

,n WhH sHFRnG hDOf, WhH Lady Ghosts (16-8) con­tin­ued to be shut down by rp­per Dublin’s su­perb de­fense, whLFh sWLflHG AELnJWRn DOO night long.

“They killed us,” Abing­ton coach Dan Marsh said. “They beat us from start to finLsh Ln HYHUy DsSHFW Rf WhH game. They out­played us, RuW-FRDFhHG us, RuW-HYHUy­thinged us. We need to play as a team and not rely on one

Any­one who paid ad­mis­sion to see Ri­d­ley play Chel­tenham in a District One Class AAAA play­off game Fri­day night cer­tainly got their money’s worth ZLWK D FRPSHWLWLvH JDPH and eight min­utes of bonus bas­ket­ball. The Green Raiders would go on to de­feat the Pan­thers, 61-58, in GRuEOH RvHUWLPH.

The game was a true back-and-forth bat­tle that IHDWuUHG VHvHn WLHV DnG 19 lead changes. The game had MuVW DERuW HvHUyWKLnJ DW RnH point or an­other. There were streaks of good shoot­ing and streaks of bad. There were SDUWV ZLWK D WRn RI WuUnRvHUV DnG VSRWV ZLWK vHUy OLWWOH. One thing that was a con­sis­tent fac­tor was plenty of foul calls.

“I was con­cerned be­cause we had a lot of good looks and they just weren’t fall­ing, some­times you think ‘uh oh, it’s not go­ing to be our night,’” Ri­d­ley coach Mike Sny­der said.

Ri­d­ley found it­self the EHnH­fiFLDUy RI JHWWLnJ LWV RSpo­nent into early foul trou­ble and get­ting in the bonus by late in the third quar­ter. The In­di­ans were able to hold off the Pan­thers de­spite only PDNLnJ WKUHH fiHOG JRDOV Ln the fourth quar­ter and both RvHUWLPH SHULRGV FRPELnHG.

“The game was only be­ing called tight one way,” Chel­tenham coach Brian John­son said.

Early in the game the lower seeded and smaller Chel­tenham really came out as the ag­gres­sor with a phys­i­cal pres­ence and tough in­side play seem­ingly em­brac­ing their un­der­dog role.

“We just came to play,” John­son said. “We asked our NLGV WR JR DOO Ln, WKHy JDvH HvHUyWKLnJ WKHy KDG.”

A nRWDEOH SKyVLFDO DGvDnWDJH WKDW 5LGOHy GLG KDvH ZDV cen­ter Zain Shaw. Stand­ing at least a head taller than any­one else on the court, Shaw im­pacted the game greatly with his de­fense and his re­bound­ing . He also qui­etly added a team high 16 points into the mix de­spite nRW VFRULnJ Ln WKH fiUVW KDOI.

“I’m just try­ing to play as hard as I can for the team, I’m not wor­ried about my per­sonal stats,” Shaw said.

Just to put a cherry on top of a unique game, Chel­tenham was charged with a tech­ni­cal foul with 53 secRnGV UHPDLnLnJ Ln WKH fiUVW RvHUWLPH ZKHn LW WULHG WR sub­sti­tute a player who was nRW Ln WKH RI­fiFLDO ERRN DW WKH start of the game.

At that point in the game Ri­d­ley was al­ready at the line to shoot two free throws. When it hap- pened the game was tied and the Green Raiders reFHLvHG IRuU FRnVHFuWLvH free throws and re­tained pos­ses­sion of the ball. The Pan­thers were able to perVHvHUH DnG VHnG WKH JDPH WR D VHFRnG RvHUWLPH Rn D cou­ple of clutch buck­ets by guard Aaron McGlawn ZKR finLVK ZLWK D JDPH high 22 points, but fouled out of the game early in the VHFRnG RvHUWLPH.

“7KHy SODyHG ZHOO HvHn los­ing [McGlawn and Guy Hen­der­son] they were two of their main play­ers and ZKHn ZH JRW LnWR RvHUWLPH they got into foul trou­ble and fouled out,” Sny­der said. “[McGlawn] was a hard player to con­trol, he ZDV FDuVLnJ uV fiWV Rn GHfense.”

With the de­feat Chel­tenham’s sea­son comes to a VREHULnJ finLVK DnG 5LGOHy looks on to its next round op­po­nent on Tues­day.

“It was a great game, great DWPRVSKHUH DnG Dn RvHUDOO good game. I’m just at a loss for words I’m so ex­cited,” Shaw said.

“,’vH nHvHU EHHn proud of group of HvHU,” -RKnVRn VDLG. PRUH guys player.”

/HDGLnJ 49-19 HnWHULnJ the fourth, the Lady CarGLnDOV HvHnWuDOOy FOHDUHG their bench with the game in con­trol and the is­sue not in doubt.

“We watched them on tape and we knew they were a vHUy GDnJHURuV WHDP,” )un­sten said. “Deja (Rawls) is an in­cred­i­ble player and our girls did a great job on her. It was a to­tal team ef­fort.”

Abing­ton, which saw sopho­more Michael Har­ris score eight points to lead the team, will get a chance WR DGvDnFH WR VWDWHV Ln WKH play-back round of dis­tricts. Rawls was held with­out a bas­ket un­til the fourth and finLVKHG ZLWK WKUHH SRLnWV.

Se­nior Bri­anna Spec­tor DGGHG 13 SRLnWV DnG fivH re­bounds for Up­per Dublin, which also got 10 points IURP 5RWK­fiHOG. 6HnLRU CuUtrena Goff added 12 points.

While the 23-game win streak could be cred­ited to a num­ber of things, Gal­lagher EHOLHvHV LW’V DOO DERuW WKH coach­ing.

“Hon­estly, the coach­ing has been the big­gest rea­son for us win­ning,” she said. “:H KDvH D ORW RI GLVFLSOLnH in prac­tice and dur­ing games and I think the coach­ing has been great.”

The meet­ing be­tween the Lady Car­di­nals and North Penn will be played at Up­per Dublin Satur­day at 1:30 p.m. North Penn de­feated Soud­er­ton, 35-34. Soud­er­ton and Abing­ton will play Ln WKH fiUVW SODy-EDFN URunG Fri­day night at Soud­er­ton at 6 p.m.

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