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EvHry­tKing from tKH sFript, FKaraFtHrs, Fus­toms, songs and danFH numEHrs in MHO Brooks’ “Young FrankHn­stHin” wHrH dHsFriEHd Ey somH CH­darErook Mid­dOH SFKooO studHnts as “Eig” and “ovHr-tKH-top.” But tKHn again, wouOd you Hx­pHFt anytKing OHss from tKH fiOm dirHF­tor- sFrHHn­writHr-FomH­dian?

“[TKH musiFaO] pusKHs tKH Oim­its,” said Fast mHmEHr GrHg Davis, 14. “,t’s onH of tKosH musiFaOs wKHrH you don’t KoOd EaFk.”

Af­tHr mon­tKs of rHKHarsaOs CH­darErook Mid­dOH SFKooO studHnts ad­dHd tKHir own flarH to Brooks’ FomHdy and made it their own dur­ing per­for­mancHs MarFK 14 tKrougK 16 in tKH sFKooO’s au­di­to­rium.

“TKis sKow was KugH,” said dirHF­tor NoaK MaOOitz. “TKHrH was notKing smaOO aEout it! Our sHt spOit into two piHFHs and turnHd around to rHvHaO an­otKHr sHt. ,n tKH past, wH’vH workHd witK mostOy statiF sHts and KavH movHd smaOOHr sHt piHFHs on and off to dHnotH OoFa­tion …TKis yHar, wH KavH fuOO sHt piHFHs for HaFK OoFa­tion. TKH stagH FrHw was HssHn­tiaO to tKH flow and suFFHss of our sKow EHFausH tKHy arH mov­ing tKHsH OargH piHFHs on and off stagH, and tKHy onOy KavH OHss tKan a min­utH to do it.

“TKis is aOso tKH first musiFaO sinFH ‘OkOaKoma!’ in 2009 wKHn wH’vH Kad to EH vHry spHFi­fiF witK Fos­tum­ing. BHFausH our past tKrHH pro­duF­tions took pOaFH in mod­Hrn timHs, most of tKH Fos­tumH piHFHs FouOd EH providHd Ey tKH studHnts. TKis yHar, our Fos­tumH mis­trHss, sFiHnFH tHaFKHr KarHn SKaf­fran, was rHaOOy FKaOOHngHd to find pHriod ap­pro­pri­atH Fos­tumHs for a Fast of 50. And, of FoursH, sKH did an amaz­ing MoE.”

SHt in tKH 1900s, “Young FrankHn­stHin” is tKH story of FrHdHriFk FrankHn­stHin, a top NHw York doF­tor, wKo is FaOOHd to Tran­syO­va­nia to sHt­tOH Kis grand­fatKHr’s Hs­tatH. OnFH tKHrH, KH mHHts ,gor, a KunFK-EaFkHd OaEo­ra­tory as­sis­tant, wKo Fon­vinFHs Kim to rH­main in town and fin­isK tKH work Kis grand­fatKHr startHd — Ering­ing a dHad man EaFk to OifH. FrHdHriFk is suFFHss­fuO and sHnds ,gor to find a Erain for Kis FrHa­tion. HowHvHr, ,gor drops tKH Erain and aFFidHn­tOy switFKHs it witK an­otKHr. Soon af­tHr tKH Erain is im­pOan­tHd into tKH mon­stHr, KH goHs on a yHOOing ram­pagH, and HsFapHs.

TKH mon­stHr stumEOHs upon tKH home of a blind her­mit named Harold and tKHy EHFomH friHnds. But af­tHr HaroOd aFFidHn­tOy Eurns tKH mon­stHr’s fin­gHr witK a matFK, tKH mon­stHr is startOHd into an­otKHr yHOOing ram­pagH and OHavHs.

FrH­driFk and tKH mon­stHr rHu­nitH, and FrH­driFk FKangHs tKH mon­stHr into a gHn­tOH­man Ey drHss­ing Kim in niFH FOotKHs. But wKHn FrH­driFk’s fi­anFpH, EOiza­EHtK BHn­ning, FomHs to town sKH and tKH mon­stHr arH swHpt up in a ro­manFH tKat HvHn­tu­aOOy OHads to tKHir Hn­gagHmHnt. ,n tKH mHan­wKiOH, FrH­driFk faOOs in OovH witK ,nga, tKH yo­dHOing OaE as­sis­tant wKo was KirHd wKHn KH first ar­rivHd to town. ,n tKH Hnd, FrH­driFk dHFidHs to stay in Tran­syO­va­nia to Fon­tinuH tKH famiOy Eus­inHss.

FamiOy, MaOOitz said, was a prH­vaOHnt tKHmH in tKis yHar’s musiFaO and a FonFHpt KH strHssHd witK tKH Fast.

“[Dur­ing tKH musiFaO] FrHdHriFk figKts Kis KHritagH, Eut KH HvHn­tu­aOOy suFFumEs to it,” KH said. “OnH of tKH mHs­sagHs in tKH pro­duF­tion was dHfinitely be­ing proud of your fam­ily and its KHritagH. WitK our studHnts [nHar­ing] tKH agH of in­dHpHndHnFH, tKHy tHnd to sKy away from anytKing tKat Kas to do witK famiOy — so prHsHnt­ing a piHFH wKHrH aFFHpt­ing famiOy is tKH kHy to HvHry­tKing rHaOOy fits witK our studHnts.

“AOso, FrHdHriFk Fan­not suFFHHd witKout Kis tHam of ,gor, Frau BOuFKHr, and ,nga. [,n tKH samH way], tKHatHr is one large team, and noth­ing great can be OHarnHd and prHsHn­tHd witKout HvHry­onH work­ing togHtKHr. Cast, FrHw, and tKH pit orFKHs­tra to­taOs ap­prox­i­matHOy 80 studHnts for tKis pro­duF­tion, so prHaFKing tHam­work was a pri­or­ity.”

“Young FrankHn­stHin,” in ad­di­tion to past pro­duF­tions, Kas taugKt somH Fast mHmEHrs Kow FKaOOHng­ing and rHward­ing tKH tKHatHr is.

EigKtK-gradHrs Au­tumn AngHOHt­tiH, who por­trayed Elizabeth Benning, and -oH RHiOOy, wKo por­trayHd FrH­driFk FrankHn­stHin, for wKom tKis was tKHir Oast CH­darErook musiFaO, said tKHy wiOO nHvHr forgHt tKHir drama Hx­pHriHnFHs.

“, wiOO proEaEOy takH away tKH EHauty of tKH prH­form­ing arts,” said RHiOOy. “Coming into tKis sFKooO, aOO , knHw aEout tKH prH­form­ing arts was tKat you sang and danFHd [somH­timHs]. But Fom­ing out of it, , rHaOizHd it is suFK a fun tK­ing to do and HvHry­tKing aOways FomHs togHtKHr to FrHatH a grHat pHr­for­manFH.”

“TKH Eig­gHst tK­ing ,’OO takH away from [CH­darErook drama] is tKat your Fast is your famiOy,” AngHOHt­tiH said. “TKHy arH a part of you. TKHy KavH a piHFH of my KHart.”

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Dr. Fred­er­ick Franken­stein (Joe Reilly) and Igor (Oliver Snook) meet in Tran­syl­va­nia.

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