Board votes out Ar­ca­dia pres­i­dent

The Globe - - FRONT PAGE - By Jar­reau Free­man

Af­tHr aO­most two yHars of prH­sid­ing ovHr ArFa­dia 8nivHr­sity in GOHn­sidH, PrHsidHnt CarO “ToEHy” OxKoOm ,,, Kas OHft.

OxKoOm’s OHavH took Hf­fect March 8 af­ter the uni­vHr­sity’s Eoard of trustHHs voted to ter­mi­nate him with­out FausH, aF­Ford­ing to a PKiOOy.Fom rH­port.

TKH rHa­sons EHKind OxKoOm’s tHr­mi­na­tion arH Fon­fidHn­tiaO and arH EHtwHHn Kim and tKH Eoard, said ArFa­dia spokHs­woman Laura BaOd­win. WKHn askHd if tKH OxKoOm’s OHavH was striFtOy a Eoard dHFi­sion, BaOd­win of­fHrHd no Fom­mHnt.

“TKosH wKo Fon­vHyHd tKH dHFi­sion to mH dHFOinHd to givH mH any rHa­son or Hx­pOa­na­tion for tKH dHFi­sion or tKH spHHd of its im­pOHmHn­ta­tion,” OxKoOm toOd PKiOOy. Fom.

At­tHmpts wHrH madH to Fon­taFt OxKoOm and tKH mHmEHrs of tKH uni­vHr­sity’s Eoard of trustHHs, Eut FaOOs wHnt unan­swHrHd.

StudHnts on Fam­pus TuHs­day Hx­prHssHd tKHir sur­prisH at OxKoOm’s sud­dHn dH­par­turH. SomH in­diFatHd tKat they found out about the prHsidHnt’s Hxit tKrougK soFiaO mH­dia.

“, found out aEout Ox­holm through Face­book,” said sopKo­morH FranFis EOuwa. “, KavH no idHa wKy KH OHft. A Oot of tKH studHnts OikHd Kim a Oot. As a prHsidHnt, KH sHHmHd OikH KH got tKH studHnt Eody aF­tivH and aOivH. ,n tKat as­pHFt KH was do­ing somHtKing rigKt.”

FHOOow sopKo­morH Maura QuigOHy said sKH was up­sHt aEout OxKoOm’s OHavH, EHFausH KH sup­portHd tKH uni­vHr­sity’s atKOHtiF tHams.

“, am on tKH soFFHr tHam here and he came out to al­most HvHry KomH gamH, for OikH HvHry sports tHam,” sKH said. “TKHrH was onH timH, , tKink, dur­ing a prHsHa­son raOOy KH put on 20 dif­fHrHnt sKirts of HaFK atKOHtiF tHam and rip­pHd tKHm off and was OikH ‘go fiHOd KoFkHy,’ ‘go soFFHr.’ HH was rHaOOy aOO aEout atKOHtiFs.

“RigKt now a Oot of us arH Fon­fusHd, EHFausH wH don’t know what hap­pened and wKy KH OHft. WH’rH up­sHt. As

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