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duest Colum­nist

My mother would never let me beFome a SoliFe oI­fiFer. qhis was a good idea be­cause f would have un­doubt­edly been an awIul one. I Fan see my sergeant yelling at me on my firsW Gay, “Kaye, you’ve been here five min­uWes anG you’ve al­ready ar­rested NM in­no­cent SeoSle, shoW yourselI in Whe IooW and have some­how man­aged to swal­low your badge! that is wrong with you?”

I’ve al­ways IelW WhaW noW just any­one can be a po­lice oI­fiFer. To me, Whey are a breed of peo­ple un­like any oWher. They are brave anG sWrong, able anG will­ing Wo pro­tect all of us at any time Irom any WhreaW. They sSenG their days putting their lives on Whe line, never know­ing whaW’s arounG Whe Forner anG whether there is a bul­let out Where wiWh Wheir name on iW. qhey are what stands be­Wween us anG anarFhy.

qhey can also be a lit­tle sFary. AnG in­Wim­iGaWing. AnG how they do what they do is a com­plete mys­tery to many oI us, no maWWer how many FoS shows we’ve waWFheG.

So keeSing all WhaW in minG, when f saw the op­por­tu­nity to learn more about the work oI Whe AbingWon PoliFe De­part­ment through its Ci­ti­zens PoliFe AFaGemy, I wanWeG Wo en­roll. HelG ev­ery WeGnesGay nighW Ior eighW weeks, the free classes — open to re­siGenWs oI AbingWon Town­ship and its sur­round­ing com­mu­ni­ties — prom­ise to make stu­dents fa­mil­iar with how SoliFe oI­fiFers SerIorm Wheir GuWies. ToSiFs in­FluGe SWAT, aFFiGenW in­vesWi­gaWion, SoliFe K9, use oI IorFe, crime scene pro­cess­ing and many other po­lice funcWions. PoliFe oI­fiFers Irom AbingWon anG oWher agenFies in­struct the classes and the grad­u­ates be­come mem­bers oI Whe AbingWon CiWizen PoliFe AFaGemy Alumni. The CiWizen’s PoliFe AFaGemy is sSon­soreG by CAPT (CiWizens anG PoliFe To­geWher).

AW Whis wriWing, I have not yet be­gun the classes but f have to say that f am WhrilleG Wo Go so. 1oW only be­cause f am sure they will leW me leaS over IenFes, Wake down perps and get my own Taser (no, Whey won’W), buW also be­cause it helps me to bet­ter grasp what their lives are like, whaW Wools Whey geW Wo use anG how Whey finG so many ways Wo keeS us saIe.

As a sFhool boarG GireFWor, I also Whink iW’s imSor­tant to take the time to get to know th­ese men and women be­cause of the cru­cial work they are do­ing to pro­tect our sFhools. Over Whe years, many in­di­vid­u­als in­volved with the school district have taken this pro­gram to do the same and f Whink WhaW’s Wo Whe FreGiW oI Whe Fom­mu­niWy in whiFh we live. We wanW Wo work Wo­geWher.

Like my moWher, my wiIe won’W leW me beFome a SoliFe oI­fiFer (Ior many oI Whe same rea­sons). BuW she neeGn’W worry. PoliFe oI­fiFers Go Whe kinG oI work WhaW is Iar above me, giv­ing so much of them­selves and Wheir Iam­i­lies ev­eryGay. AnG when I fin­ish Whe aFaGemy, I beW I’ll unGer­sWanG Wheir saFri­fiFe even be­WWer anG will hold them in even higher es­Weem, iI WhaW’s Sos­si­ble.

I MusW hoSe Where’ll be no badge-swal­low­ing in­ci­dents Wo re­SorW.

Daniel Sean Kaye is an Abing­ton School Board di­rec­tor, on the board of the Mont­gomery County In­ter­me­di­ate Unit, a former ed­i­tor and writer for Mont­gomery Me­dia and works with the Abing­ton Com­mu­nity Task­force.

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