Coun­cil im­poses fees on own­ers

The Globe - - FRONT PAGE - By Jar­reau Free­man

LDndlRrdV in RRck­lHdJH BRrRuJh will EH chDrJHd with ten­ant regis­tra­tion and uniW in­VSHcWiRn fHHV.

TR kHHS WrDck Rf WHnDnWV Dnd HnVurH uniWV DrH cRPSliDnW wiWh VDfHWy cRdHV, WhH RRck­lHdJH BRrRuJh CRun­cil ap­proved a rental regis­tra­tion and in­spec­tion or­di­nance at the April 29 board meet­ing.

LDndlRrdV will EH rHTuirHd WR SDy D $75 SHr uniW fHH fRr bi-yearly in­spec­tions and a $50 Dn­nuDl WHnDnW rHJiVWrDWiRn fHH. ThiV wDV VHW Ey rHVRluWiRn DW WhH PHHWinJ.

The ten­ant reg­is­trar will be uVHd WR fD­cil­iWDWH uniW in­VSHc­tions and to lo­cate ten­ants in D PDWWHr Rf SuElic VDfHWy. LDndlRrdV, whR rH­fuVH WR pro­vide a ten­ant list or pro­vides an in­com­plete or er­ronHRuV liVW, cRuld fDcH D finH Rf uS WR $200, Dc­cRrdinJ WR the or­di­nance.

“ThHrH DrH VDfHWy iVVuHV WhDW WHnd WR Dr­rivH PRrH RfWHn in rHnWDl uniWV, wiWhRuW the owner be­ing there, than there are with per­sonal, sin­gle res­i­dences,” said BRrRuJh 6Rli­ciWRr -RVHSh BrHVnDn MDrch 25. “,nVSHcWiRn SrRJrDPV fRr rHVidHnWiDl rHnWDl uniWV DrH cRPPRn.”

ThH ERrRuJh’V Euild­inJ in­spec­tor will be re­view­ing WhinJV likH WhH VuPS-SuPS, elec­tri­cal, san­i­ta­tion, smoke de­tec­tors and the locks on WhH dRRrV, VDid CRun­cilPDn MikH 3rDHdiJDr.

LHWWHrV will EH PDilHd

to land­lordV re­gard­ing the rental in­Vpec­tionV along with the in­Vpec­tion Vheet and an­nual rental regiV­tra­tion form in - une and they will be aVked to call bor­ough hall to Vched­ule their in­Vpec­tionV. A new in­Vpec­tion will not be re­quired for an­other two yearV from the date of the firVt in­Vpec­tion, Vaid Bor­ough Man­ager Grace Met­zinger when con­tacted af­ter the meet­ing. , n ad­di­tion, an­nual ten­ant regiV­tra­tionV will be mailed out ev­ery - une or - uly and will be due two weekV af­ter it waV re­ceived.

, n other buVineVV, repreVen­ta­tiveV from 3lym- outh TownVhip of­fered a thank you to the Rock­ledge 3olice Depart­ment for aVViVt­ing them when one of their own, Of­fi­cer Brad Fox, waV Vhot by a hit- and- run driver laVt Septem­ber.

“We can’t Vay thank you enough to po­lice Chief Ger­ald Miller, the of­fi­cerV of the Rock­ledge 3olice Depart­ment and eVpe­cially thiV coun­cil who Vaw fit to give that aVViV­tance to uV and our reVi­dentV,” Vaid 3ly­mouth coun­cil Chair­man Shel­don Sim­pVon. “We are priv­i­leged to call Rock­ledge friendV. Thank you very much for all you did for uV and may God know we never have to pay you back.”

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