DLG yru Nnrw WKAW jay is a month of a myr­iad of national ob­ser­vances?

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ff you feel strongly about a good cause and can get the rnited States Congress to see its im­por­tance, you might hear words like procla­ma­tion, r eaf­fir­ma­tion or res­o­lu­tion com­ing out of Washi n g t o n , D.C. The month of jay has had two im­por­tant hol­i­days each year. Ev­ery­one knows the mean­ing of 0HPRULaO Day anG $UPHG )RUFHV Day. ,W Pay FRPH aV a VuUSULVH WKaW there are other hol­i­day ob­ser­vancHV Ln WKH fiIWK PRnWK RI WKH yHaU.

Two im­por­tant hol­i­days oc­cur on jay 1. Ev­ery year, on jay 1, Law Day LV REVHUYHG. LawyHUV anG law stu­dents make up the nearly 4MM,MMM mem­bers of the Amer­i­can Bar As­so­ci­a­tion, which was founded in 18T8. This is a hol­i­day ob­serv­ing the le­gal busi­ness of our coun­try.

$OVR, Rn 0ay 1, LRyaOWy Day LV REVHUYHG. ,W LV a Gay WR UHaI­fiUP ORyalty to the rnited States. Since 19R8, each year the pres­i­dent of the rnited States re­quires all r.S. govern­ment build­ings to dis­play the Amer­i­can flaJ Rn 0ay 1. 7KH SuUSRVH RI aOO this is to ask Amer­i­cans to show their loy­alty to the rnited States.

0ay 2 LV a 1aWLR­naO Day RI 3UayHU REVHUYHG Rn WKH fiUVW 7KuUVGay Ln 0ay. 7KH 1aWLR­naO Day RI 3UayHU waV fiUVW UHFRJnLzHG Ey WKH Con­ti­nen­tal Congress in 1TTR and again in 19R2. This is a day when prayer be­comes a ma­jor fac­tor for re­li­gious peo­ple of all faiths.

0ay 5 LV CLnFR DH 0ayR, a Gay of jex­i­can pride fa­mous for the jex­i­can vic­tory in 1862 giv­ing the coun­try in­de­pen­dence from crance in the bat­tle of Pue­bla.

0ay 6 LV 1aWLR­naO 1uUVHV Day. The rnited States Congress ap­proved this and the bill was signed by Pres­i­dent Rea­gan in 1982. A week of ob­ser­vances ends on the birth date of clorence kightin­gale, jay 12.

0ay 7 LV 1aWLR­naO 7HaFKHU Day, pushed by Eleanor Roo­sevelt in 19R3 and the 81st Congress.

jay 12, the sec­ond Sun­day in 0ay, LV NnRwn aV 0RWKHU’V Day. jothers re­ceived their honor thanks to the ac­tion of Anna Jarvis in 1912.

0ay 15 LV 3HaFH 2IfiFHUV 0HPRULaO Day UHPHPEHULnJ WKRVH wKR lost their lives. This be­came a re­al­ity in 1962 as a day of ob­ser­vance des­ig­nated by Pres­i­dent John c. hennedy.

0ay 18 LV $UPHG )RUFHV Day an ob­ser­vance on the third Satur­day in jay since 19RM.

0HPRULaO Day LV REVHUYHG Rn the last jon­day of jay. lrig­i­naOOy NnRwn aV DHFRUaWLRn Day, af­ter World War ff the name was FKanJHG WR 0HPRULaO Day.

Ev­ery­one should re­mem­ber jay 31 in honor of the World Health lr­ga­ni­za­tion that passed a res­o­lu­tion call­ing for the last day of jay to be known as World 1R 7REaFFR Day, a 8nLWHG 1ations ob­ser­vance.

Hope­fully, jay will keep you busy with ob­ser­vances. kote that nearly ev­ery one of the days in jay sends a mes­sage that makes Amer­ica a bet­ter place to live, work, at­tend school or just en­joy re­tire­ment.

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