Sweeney earns fn­ter-ac AD’S Award

The Globe - - LETTERS - By Mike Prince

– DW OHDsW EHIoUH WHGnHsGDy nLJhW – wDs SUoEDEOy when she was given the MF1HLO 3DWULoW 6FhoODU Award, which is the high­est award given out at dA and was awarded at the end of Sweeney’s ju­nior year for char­ac­ter and acad­emy achieve­ment.

“cran is an out­stand­ing HxDPSOH oI D FoPSOHWH sWuGHnW-DWhOHWH,” sDLG GA coach Peter Jen­nings, who has been Sweeney’s track DnG fiHOG FoDFh IoU WhH ODsW IouU yHDUs. “6hH hDs FhDOOHnJHG hHUsHOI wLWh GLI­fiFuOW FouUsHs DnG shH hDs HxFHOOHG in them. She has found suc­cess in three dif­fer­ent sports and on the track, she Wook Dn LnWHUHsW Ln huUGOLnJ dur­ing her sopho­more year DnG GHvoWHG hHUsHOI IuOOy Wo OHDUnLnJ, SUDFWLFLnJ DnG SHUIHFWLnJ WhLs WHFh­nLFDO HvHnW.”

ThDW Ls WhH WySH oI DWhOHWH that Sweeney has been since shH EHJDn SODyLnJ EDskHWEDOO 12 yHDUs DJo. AnG LW was that type of ded­i­ca­tion which has earned her such a pres­ti­gious award.

“Be­yond her ac­comSOLshPHnWs, FUDn Ls D JUHDW WHDPPDWH DnG D SOHDsuUH Wo FoDFh,” -Hn­nLnJs sDLG. “HHU SosLWLvH DSSUoDFh Wo DOO oI her pur­suits and the joy she takes out of fac­ing new FhDOOHnJHs PDkHs hHU D SHUIHFW FhoLFH IoU WhLs DwDUG.”

WhLOH 6wHHnHy showHG HxFHOOHnW EoWh on WhH WUDFk DnG on WhH soFFHU fiHOG, DnG whLOH shH sDys shH hDs never pre­ferred one sport over an­other, she has been DFWLvHOy UHFUuLWHG Ey D nuPEHU oI EDskHWEDOO sFhooOs, LnFOuGLnJ EPoUy, 1Hw YoUk rniver­sity, Wash­ing­ton and iee, the rniver­sity of ChLFDJo DnG HDvHUIoUG CoOOHJH, DPonJ oWhHUs.

“f have no pref­er­ence on any one sport, which is the great thing about high sFhooO EHFDusH , GLGn’W hDvH Wo IoFus on MusW onH WhLnJ,” said Sweeney, who is un­sure oI whDW shH wLOO sWuGy Ln FoOOHJH, GHsSLWH OHDnLnJ Woward a ma­jor in hu­man­i­ties oU EusLnHss. “, DP OookLnJ for­ward to fo­cus­ing on baskHWEDOO now, WhouJh. ThDW shouOG EH JUHDW Ln FoOOHJH.”

EPoUy Ls D WoS-20 DFDGHPLF sFhooO, whHUH 6wHHnHy wLOO EH D PHPEHU oI WhH woPHn’s EDskHWEDOO WHDP, D DLvLsLon 3 sFhooO whLFh fin­ished this past sea­son 13th ovHUDOO Ln WhH FounWUy.

Dur­ing her time with the LDGy 3DWULoWs’ EDskHWEDOO team, Sweeney was a twoyHDU sWDUWHU DnG hHOSHG GA wLn WhUHH ,nWHU-AF WLWOHs, Ds wHOO Ds Wwo ,nGHSHnGHnW 6FhooOs sWDWH FhDPSLon­ships. She was named as 6HFonG THDP AOO-,nWHU-AF SODyHU WhLs SDsW yHDU DnG shH OHG WhH HnWLUH WHDP Ln DOO shoot­ing per­cent­age cat­e­goULHs, whLOH DOso EHLnJ WoS-20 Ln WhUHH-SoLnWHUs Ln DOO oI 6ouWhHDsWHUn 3HnnsyOvDnLD as a ju­nior.

6wHHnHy wDs sHOHFWHG as a team cap­tain and was awarded her team’s de­fen­sLvH PosW vDOuDEOH SODyHU award as a se­nior.

“FUDn OHIW hHU PDUk on GA EDskHWEDOO,” GA JLUOs’ EDskHWEDOO FoDFh 6hHUL RHWLI said. “As a ju­nior, she hit the game-win­ning shot in a huJH wLn DJDLnsW ESLsFoSDO AFDGHPy DnG no onH wLOO ever for­get that. fn the SDsW, shH hDs DOwDys EHHn D WhUHH-SoLnW sSHFLDOLsW, EuW this year, she was our best GHIHn­sLvH SODyHU DnG shH hDG D ELJ yHDU. 6hH hHOSHG us Wo FOLnFh D wLn Gown Ln D WouUnDPHnW Ln AWODnWD wLWh her de­fense.

“, FouOGn’W WhLnk oI any­one more de­serv­ing for this award than cran. She Ls D wonGHUIuO UHSUHsHnWDWLvH oI GA DWhOHWLFs DnG , think it’s her sports­man­ship DnG DFDGHPLFs whLFh UHDOOy PDkH hHU wonGHUIuO. 6hH was out­stand­ing in her other sports and it was an honor Wo FoDFh hHU.”

ln the soc­cer team, Sweeney was a four-year sWDUWHU, SODyLnJ ouWsLGH PLG­fiHOG whLOH sFoULnJ FOosH Wo 20 JoDOs Ln hHU FDUHHU. 6hH hHOSHG hHU WHDP wLn WhH 2012 ,nWHU-AF WLWOH, whLOH DOso EHLnJ SDUW oI Wwo sHFonG-SODFH finLshLnJ teams.

On WhH WUDFk, shH onOy OosW onH 100 PHWHU huUGOHs UDFH (finLshLnJ sHFonG) DnG hDs hDG IouU oI sLx fiUsW-SODFH finLshHs Ln WhH 300 PHWHU huUGOHs Ln OHDJuH PHHWs WhLs sHD­son. 6wHHnHy DOso SODFHG IouUWh DW WhH ,nGHSHnGHnW 6FhooOs WouUnDPHnW ODsW yHDU whLOH FoPSHWLnJ DJDLnsW FoOOHJH-OHvHO WUDFk DWhOHWHs Ln whDW Ls Fon­sLGered her third best sport.

WhHn GA JLUOs’ soFFHU FoDFh ChULs 1HO­son HnWHUHG the pro­gram two years ago, he knew of Sweeney’s DELOLWLHs on DnG oII WhH fiHOG. And he said that dur­ing that time, she has sur­passed what he ex­pected.

“6hH hDs SODyHG HvHUy sLnJOH PLnuWH sLnFH ,’vH EHHn hHUH,” 1HO­son sDLG. “6hH’s D WLUHOHss woUkHU DnG shH’s WDOHnWHG DnG shH’s FoPSosHG in big sit­u­a­tions. She’s a JUHDW OHDGHU DnG shH’s onH oI WhosH kLGs WhDW DGuOWs re­spect, kids re­spect and ev­ery­one re­spects. She’s the WoWDO SDFkDJH. , WhLnk shH’s D JUHDW DWhOHWH DnG Dn HvHn bet­ter per­son and f think this is sort of a great cap­ping of hHU hLJh sFhooO FDUHHU. , can’t think of any­one more GHsHUvLnJ.”

ln top of be­ing an honor sWuGHnW DnG on WoS oI DOO oI WhH DWhOHWLF DFhLHvHPHnWs and awards, Sweeney has DOso kHSW Eusy ouW oI WhH FODssUooP. AW GA, shH Ls Dn ad­vi­sor for the dA Writ­ing CHnWHU, whHUH shH hHOSs IHOOow sWuGHnWs Wo LPSUovH WhHLU writ­ing. She has been do­ing so for a few hours a week since her sopho­more year.

6wHHnHy Ls DOso D sHnLoU OHDGHU IoU WhH GA TuWoU Pro­gram, in ad­di­tion to beLnJ D HousH 3UHIHFW OHDGHU DnG D sHnLoU OHDGHU wLWh WhH Com­mu­nity Ser­vice lr­ga­ni­za­tion.

When asked what her UHDFWLon wDs Wo finGLnJ ouW WhDW shH wouOG EH DFFHSWLnJ WhH GLUOs’ ,nWHU-AF LHDJuH AWhOHWLF DLUHFWoUs’ AwDUG, Sweeney said she was sur­prised.

“f was just hon­ored to be rec­og­nized with so many oWhHU JUHDW JLUOs, EuW LW wDs D suUSULsH,” 6wHHnHy sDLG. “, UHPHPEHU SHoSOH win­ning it from pre­vi­ous yHDUs DnG , nHvHU UHDOOy WhouJhW LW wouOG EH PH, so f’m just very happy it was. My FoDFhHs hHOSHG PH Dn LPPHnsH DPounW DOonJ WhH wDy DnG , OHDUnHG sWuII Ln soFFHU WhDW hHOSHG PH wLWh EDskHWEDOO DnG , OHDUnHG sWuII Ln EDskHWEDOO WhDW hHOSHG PH wLWh WUDFk. ,W DOO kLnG oI ovHUODSSHG.”

Sweeney ac­cepted her award on Wed­nes­day night Ln IUonW oI FoDFh RHWLI, onH of her teach­ers and both of her par­ents. The award was given in honor of Bar­bara iongstreth.

“ThLs Ls GHfinLWHOy onH oI Py finHsW hLJh sFhooO DFhLHvHPHnWs,” 6wHHnHy sDLG.

EDFh ,nWHU-AF sFhooO hon­oUHG onH sHnLoU JLUO. OWhHU 2013 hon­oUHHs LnFOuGH 1oUD MFCDOOLon (1oWUH DDPH), MoOOy 6hLHOGs (AJnHs ,UwLn), MDyD 3DWHO (BDOGwLn), .ULsWHn HLnFkOHy (ESLsFoSDO AFDGHPy), GLDnnD 3owHOO (6SULnJsLGH-ChHsWnuW HLOO) DnG .HOOy .uEDFh (3Hnn ChDUWHU).

Photo courtesy Mimi Mccloskey

Ger­man­town Acad­emy’s Fran Sweeney was named the win­ner of the In­ter-Ac League’s Ath­letic Di­rec­tors Award on Wed­nes­day.

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