De­lagol, Ten­nent slip past Abing­ton

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were pretty much go­ing WhH PDnWhHrs’ wDy IRr WhH rHPDLnGHr RI WhH JDPH. ,n IDFW, WhH SLWFhHr hHlSHG hLs own cause, hit­ting a long, 5B, WrLSlH WR lHIW fiHlG WR score Mike Wasser­leiben while putting Ten­nent up 5-0 at the time.

“You have to give Ten­nent credit,” Torresani said. “They cap­i­tal­ized and that’s what hap­pens in high school base­ball. You make mis­takes and the other teams cap­i­tal­ize and win.”

AIWHr WhH GhRsWs JRW RnH run EDFN DIWHr D fiHlGHr’s LnWHrIHrHnFH SlDy Dl­lRwHG CJ Bren­nan to score in the IRurWh Ln­nLnJ, DHlDJRl FRntin­ued to roll, strik­ing out WwR PRrH Ln WhH ERWWRP RI the sixth.

In the sev­enth, Abing­ton threat­ened, load­ing the bases and even get­ting an RBI sin­gle by Eric Walther, EuW THn­nHnW lHIW­fiHlGHr 5yDn DeLong threw out the next Ghosts player try­ing to score WR rHFRrG WhH finDl RuW RI WhH game.

AELnJWRn wDs lHG RIIHn­sively by Eric Tid­well, who wHnW 2-IRr-4 wLWh D run DnG Dn 5B,. ,n rHlLHI, WDlWhHr SLWFhHG WhrHH Ln­nLnJs RI RnHhit ball, strik­ing out three while al­low­ing just one un­earned run.

Ten­nent was led by AshGDlH, whR wHnW 2-IRW-4 wLWh WwR 5B,. DHlDJRl finLshHG 1-IRr-3 wLWh Dn 5B,, whLlH BrHWW .Rs­lRwsNL wHnW 1-IRr3 wLWh D sWRlHn EDsH, RnH run and an RBI.

The Pan­thers, who sit in third place in the con- IHrHnFH, NnRw WhDW HYHry JDPH IrRP hHrH Rn RuW Ls D big one.

“ThHsH DrH Dll SlDyRII JDPHs IRr us,” PHnHFDlH sDLG. “WH’rH fiJhWLnJ WR JHW ahead and we have to win all WhHsH WhLnJs. As IDr Ds ,’P con­cerned, we’re al­ready in WhH SlDyRIIs.”

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