New­com­ers, in­cum­bents ad­vance in Abing­ton

The Globe - - POLICEREPORTS - By Jar­reau Free­man

The re­sults from the May 21 pri­mary elec­tion have been tal­lied and a num­ber of new­com­ers and in­cum­bents will vie for the seats on the Abing­ton Town­ship Board of Com­mis­sion­ers and Abing­ton School Board in the gen­eral elec­tion in Novem­ber, ac­cordLnJ WR WKH unRI­fiFLDO rHVuOWV on the Mont­gomery County web­site.

In Abing­ton Town­ship, Repub­li­can in­cum­bent Robert Wachter and new­comer Demo­crat Michael Mark­man will vie for the Ward 2 spot in Novem­ber. Both ran un­op­posed in the pri­mary with Wachter re­ceiv­ing 57 votes and Mark­man re­ceiv­ing 113.

New­com­ers, Republi- can Pamela sasser­man and Demo­crat Jimmy DiPlacido, who each ran un­op­posed, will vie for the Ward 4 seat. sasser­man re­ceived 99 votes and DiPlacido 193 votes.

Repub­li­can in­cum­bent Stephen Kali­noski and new­comer Steve Tor­res will run for Ward 6. Both ran un­op­posed with Kali­noski re­ceiv­ing 87 votes and 141 votes. Sim­i­larly, Repub­li­can in­cum­bent Matthew Wil­lis and Demo­crat Ben Sanchez will vie for a two-year term in Ward 7. Run­ning un­op­posed in the pri­maries, Wil­lis re­ceived 96 votes and Sanchez 257 votes.

Repub­li­can in­cum­bents Peggy My­ers, Ward 8, Thomas Far­ren, Ward 12, and new­com­ers Jamie Maerz, Ward 10, and Jack Howarth, Ward 14, ran un­op­posed. My­ers re­ceived 94 votes, Far­ren 104 votes, Maerz 114 and Howarth 74 votes.

New­com­ers, Democrats Gre­gory Holt, Ward 8, Tom Hecker, Ward 10, Joseph Smith, Ward 12, and in­cum­bent Lori Schreiber, Ward 14, ran un­op­posed in the pri­maries. Holt, Hecker, Smith and Schreiber re­ceived 157, 171, 149 and 169 votes re­spec­tively.

In the school dis­trict, in­cum­bents Ray­mond McGarry, Barry Stupine, Adam Share and new­comer MarVKD LHvHOO FrRVVHG-fiOHG, run­ning un­op­posed on the Demo­cratic and Repub­li­can bal­lots. McGarry, Stupine, Share and Lev­ell re­ceived 874, 795, 793 and 816 votes re­spec­tively.

Cur­rent school board di­rec­tor Jef­frey Bates did not seek re-elec­tion.

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