Left-turn sig­nal needed in Abing­ton

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To the Edi­tor:

While a red light cam­era at the in­ter­sec­tion of Susque­hanna and vork roads will un­doubt­edly re­duce ac­ci­dents and add to the town­ship’s rev­enue stream, it will do lit­tle to al­le­vi­ate the ma­jor cause of ac­ci­dents at that in­ter­sec­tion: the fact that there are no left-turn sig­nal lights from Susque­hanna onto YRUN 5RDG. 7heUe DUe leIW­turn lights from vork onto Susque­hanna but none from Susque­hanna onto YRUN.

We have of­ten seen a half-dozen cars backed up on Susque­hanna at­temp­tLnJ WR mDNe WhDW leIW WXUn. Af­ter wait­ing two or three light cy­cles, driv­ers get des­per­ate and at­tempt the left turn af­ter the light has turned red for them and green for vork road, re­sult­ing in a T-bone ac­ci­dent by a vork Road driver with a JUeen lLJhW.

Those of us in the know go through the in­ter­sec­tion and ac­com­plish the left turn Ey GeWRXULnJ WR Whe nexW Ln­ter­sec­tion and mak­ing two lefts fol­lowed by a right onto YRUN 5RDG.

I learned from Abing­ton Town­ship Com­mis­sioner 3eJJy 0yeUs WhDW she EelLeYes WhDW 3ennD27 hDs al­ready been pe­ti­tioned for left-turn lights on Susque­hDnnD. 3eUhDSs Whey shRXlG be pe­ti­tioned again and made aware of the real prob­lem at that in­ter­secWLRn.

rn­doubt­edly, a left-turn sig­nal on Susque­hanna wRXlG Ee D lRW less exSen­sive than a red light cameUD.

Boris Beizer HXnWLnJGRn 9Dl­ley and trades­men who so gra­ciously helped us dur­ing our re­cently com­pleted build­ing im­prove­ments:

Michael Gold­berg of MEG Con­tract­ing, Joseph 7XUcR 3lXmELnJ & HeDWLnJ, Tom Schreiber of Ger­manWRwn (lecWULc, Ken :Ll­lLDms RI (xWeULRU 6SecLDlWLes ,nc., ZRhDU Fel­lXs RI 6Nye 3DLnWLnJ, 7Lm 2’6heD 5RRfinJ, 6&H HeDWLnJ DnG ALU CRn­di­tion­ing and con­trac­tor Dan BUes­lLn.

Thanks to your hard work and gen­eros­ity, we were able to com­plete some much­needed im­prove­ments to our club­house!

Steven Ko­zlowski Board mem­ber, JvA

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