Is diet soda re­ally that bad for you? Well, maybe not

The Hazleton Standard-Speaker - - FRONT PAGE - BY KAREN D’SOUZA

Just how bad is diet soda for you? It maybe more com­pli­cated than you think. There may be hope for ze­rocalo­rie tip­plers yet.

A spate of re­cent stud­ies has diet soda lovers fret­ting over their bub­bly bev­er­ages. Stud­ies have shown that suck­ing down diet pop means you may be avoid­ing sugar and calo­ries but over­dos­ing on chem­i­cals that can be dan­ger­ous to your health.

“Just get rid of it,” says Keri Glass­man, R.D.N., as Women’ s Health re­ports. “It is filled with un­healthy chem­i­cals, in­clud­ing ar­ti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers, which ac­tu­ally make you crave more calo­ries later.”

The worst news is that diet drinks have been linked to the one thing they are sup­posed to avoid: get­ting fat. These so­das may lead to obe­sity, in­creased blood pres­sure and di­a­betes. Gulp.

But now there is a glim­mer of hope for those of us who crave the snap and fizz of a can of diet soda get­ting cracked open, con­tent in the knowl­edge that there is a zero calo­rie elixir to take the edge off the day.

Some ex­perts be­lieve that there may not be a causal re­la­tion­ship be­tween diet soda con­sump­tion and health is­sues. It may be all the other bad habits that peo­ple have that re­ally hurt them. If you are a couch potato or a smoker, the diet soda may not be the true cul­prit.

“Con­sumers of diet soda who en­gage in other life­style be­hav­iors as­so­ci­ated with poor health out­comes area ta greater risk than those who bal­ance their in­take of diet soda with other health­ful habits,” says Cara Harb­street, R.D., of Street Smart Nu­tri­tion as Women’s Health notes. “The vari­ables make it dif­fi­cult to pin­point whether diet soda con­sump­tion alone is the cause of neg­a­tive health out­comes, or whether it’s the cul­mi­na­tion of a num­ber of f ac­tors...I lean to­wards the lat­ter, since noth­ing in nu­tri­tion or health ex­ists in a vac­uum.”

So maybe if you hit the gym be­fore you down that diet soda, it’ ll all even out. Cheers.

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