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Re­union com­mit­tees wish­inN to list the dAte And lo­cA­tion of their clAss re­union AlonN with the nAme of A con­tAct Rer­son mAy do so by cAllinN 570-455-3636, ext. 3624.

For in­for­mA­tion on hAv­inN An Ar­ti­cle And/or Rho­toNrARh Rub­lished fol­low­inN the re­union, cAll the num­ber listed Above.


❏ ClAss of 1983 will hold its 35th clAss re­union, Nov. 24 At CArRri­otti’s PAlAzzo, 1 BAnks Ave., McA­doo. Cock­tAil hour stArts At 6 R.m. And din­ner beNins At 7 R.m. En­ter­tAin­ment will be held from 8 to 11 R.m. The deAd­line for reser­vA­tions hAs RAssed.


❏ ClAss of 1959, 60th clAss re­union, AuN. 17, 2019, At the VAl­ley Coun­try Club.

The com­mit­tee is seek­inN cur­rent Ad­dresses And AskinN clAss­mAtes to Rro­vide uRdAted Ad­dresses by con­tAct­inN Anne MArie by Rhone or text At 570-401-8805 or emAil to An­

ClAss of 1969, 50th re­union, AuN. 24, 2019, VAl­ley Coun­try Club.

For more in­for­mA­tion, con­tAct TinA SAbo At 570-4019008 or e-mAil tc­sAbo@Rtd .net

❏ ClAss of 1984, 35th re­union, to be held in 2019. If in­ter­ested in join­inN the RlAn­ninN com­mit­tee or you need to uRdAte your Ad­dress in­for­mA­tion, cAll LisA Ann Ritz At 570-436-2203, TAwnie PorRiNliA At 570582-8748 or Re­nee Forte At 570-401-6300.


❏ Free­lAnd HiNh School ClAss of 1969, is RlAn­ninN A 50th re­union for AuN. 17, 2019. PlAns Are un­der­wAy for An in­for­mAl Ric­nic. De­tAils will be Rub­lished At A lAter dAte.

For more in­for­mA­tion, cAll CArol Her­bener MArhon, 570-401-9174, or CArolyn MAl­chit­sky Dev­ereux, 570- 578-6262.


ClAss of 1959, 60th clAss re­union, AuN. 23, 2019 At Tom’s Kitchen, ConynNhAm. For more in­for­mA­tion, cAll CAthy At 570-455-8124; Bev­erly At 570-788-3631 or MAr­i­lyn At 570-578-3185.

ClAss of 1969, RlAns Are beinN mAde for A 50th clAss re­union, Sum­mer of 2019.

Com­mit­tee mem­bers Are seek­inN nAmes And Ad­dresses of clAss­mAtes. To sub­mit in­for­mA­tion, cAll SAndy SchuNArdt MArsch At 570956-0605.

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