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Hi Jane,

We have this gen­tle­man at my job who would sneak away into the lunch room and steal lunches. I once saw him tak­ing bites out some­one’s lunch and when he didn’t like it, he threw it in the garbage. We all would come to the lunch room and find our lunch thrown away in the trash with a bite taken out of it. To be hon­est, I find it pretty hys­ter­i­cal. I’m guess­ing I’m the only em­ployee who has caught him do­ing this. The prob­lem is, I don’t know how to bring this up to the HR. I don’t know if I want some­one to get fired be­cause of me. Shall I just let this go, un­til some­one else catches him deer in head­lights?


I firmly be­lieve that steal­ing is eth­i­cally wrong. By steal­ing some­one else’s food, that gen­tle­man is rob­bing some­one’s meal of the day. That per­son might have wo­ken up early in the morn­ing to pre­pare the meal for him. By tak­ing a bite from some­one’s lunch, he has also con­tam­i­nated the meal. At the same time, throw­ing some­one’s food in the trash is ab­so­lutely un­ac­cept­able. I feel that you should in­form the HR about this mat­ter and tell them the in­ci­dent hon­estly. Even if some­one else catches him, he may have to face the con­se­quences even­tu­ally. Then it’s bet­ter if you re­port about it soon. The HR will take care of this in­ci­dent tact­fully and might even let him go with a warn­ing.

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