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We’re deal­ing with an em­ployee here, who has a bit of a hy­giene is­sue. This man just does not bathe! The whole of­fice smells like a rat-in­fested moldy car­pet when he’s around. I don’t know how to bring this up to the HR’S no­tice, with­out look­ing like a snitch. Any ad­vice?


Hy­giene is a per­sonal agenda but if it’s af­fect­ing the peo­ple around, then it does not re­main that per­sonal any­more. It be­comes ex­tremely dif­fi­cult to work around some­one who’s spread­ing foul smell. Such odor can af­fect the work qual­ity of the peo­ple around him and also cause in­con­ve­nience. That em­ployee might find it hu­mil­i­at­ing if you ap­proach him di­rectly about this. Hence in­form the HR that his odor is un­pleas­ant for you and hin­ders your work pro­duc­tiv­ity. Re­quest them to sub­tly talk to him about it so that it does not bother oth­ers as well. I’m sure the HR will find a so­lu­tion for this with­out hurt­ing the sen­ti­ments of the em­ployee.

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