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You know how they ask ‘what is your big­gest flaw?’ dur­ing an in­ter­view? I’m ill-pre­pared for such a ques­tion. I fear, I may blurt some­thing out, like Jennifer Lawrence giv­ing an unadul­ter­ated opin­ion about her­self! At the same time, I also do not want to sound like a bull­shit­ter with some­thing like this – ‘Oh, I’m too much of a per­fec­tion­ist!’. 23 (F), mar­ket­ing in­tern


Hi, Looks like you’re some­one who doesn’t like be­ing caught be­tween moral and eth­i­cal dilem­mas of over-promis­ing. Most in­ter­view­ers ex­pect can­di­dates to re­veal a no­tice­able and po­ten­tially detri­men­tal strug­gle, and ex­plain how the em­ployee will mit­i­gate the risks of the strug­gle. My ad­vice – don’t give an au­to­mated re­sponse. Give your in­ter­viewer a story. Here’s an ex­am­ple of what you could say –

1. I used to be so­cially awk­ward per­son, which some­times made it dif­fi­cult for me to talk to peo­ple around me. I’ve made a lot of friends since then, and I’m con­stantly try­ing to think be­fore I speak, so I won’t say non­sense.

2. I don’t have a lot of lead­er­ship skills. I al­ways try to fol­low and fig­ure out the tasks ahead of me. I am quite good at be­ing a high-con­tribut­ing team mem­ber, and I al­ways try to take a lead even if I find the task dif­fi­cult.

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