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We have an em­ployee who is re­ally un­like­able and has a bad at­ti­tude to­wards work. Let’s just say I’m deal­ing with a one-of-a-kind jerk. This guy would fall asleep all the time at his cu­bi­cle. Last week, I caught him asleep, thrice on three dif­fer­ent days! When I woke him up, he threw a fit and was blam­ing ev­ery­one that sat around him. His point of view: it’s too quiet in the of­fice and so he gets a lit­tle sleepy. I want to fire him, but he’s a client’s son, who hap­pens to gen­er­ate around 45% of our over­all busi­ness.


In many work­places, em­ploy­ees get fired for sleep­ing on the job. Per­son­ally, I think one shouldn’t fire an em­ployee for a sin­gle oc­cur­rence. You need to make it clear that sleep­ing on the job is ab­so­lutely un­ac­cept­able! Al­beit, your only choice in this sit­u­a­tion is to make it clear that an­other oc­cur­rence would lead to a dis­ci­plinary ac­tion. How about two weeks of un­paid va­ca­tion? If you still catch this em­ployee sleep­ing dur­ing work hours, in spite of the dis­ci­plinary meet­ings and writ­ten warn­ings, you may fire them. Sim­ple as that!

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