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If I have to be com­pletely hon­est with you, the rea­son why you are even ask­ing me this is be­cause you are the kind of per­son who does not like get­ting out of your com­fort zone. This is my per­sonal as­sump­tion. One of the ma­jor rea­sons be­hind this may be that as you have spent a large chunk of your pro­fes­sional life at the same place sur­rounded by fa­mil­iar peo­ple. Leav­ing this job would mean that you will have to start the process of learn­ing some­thing new and mix­ing with un­known peo­ple all over again. This may seem like a te­dious process but it is for your own per­sonal ben­e­fit.

There are many in­stances wherein em­ploy­ees are un­der­paid just be­cause they aren’t a spe­cial re­cruit­ment for the given po­si­tion and have been pro­moted grad­u­ally over the years. The com­pany will al­ways ap­pre­ci­ate you as by giv­ing you your cur­rent job po­si­tion, they are not only sav­ing their money but also a lot of their time and en­ergy. A new re­cruit­ment re­quires a num­ber of in­ter­views and ne­go­ti­a­tion which not only in­cludes an im­pres­sive salary but also perks to lure an ef­fi­cient can­di­date. Af­ter the re­cruit­ment process is done with, the com­pany needs to train the em­ployee from scratch. All this need not be nec­es­sary in the case of a loyal em­ployee who has ded­i­cated his time to the com­pany. On grad­ual pro­mo­tion, you only need ba­sic guid­ance. This is why pro­mot­ing a loyal em­ployee is a win-win sit­u­a­tion for the com­pany but the same isn’t the case for the em­ployee him­self.

Along with this, the com­pany knows that you won’t go any­where as you have been with them for such a long time. This is where your loy­alty is taken granted for. In your case, your con­cerns are ab­so­lutely jus­ti­fied. If you are putting in so much ef­fort and time for the com­pany’s progress, you must also be re­warded for the same. If you

feel de­mo­ti­vated, it will ad­versely af­fect your work pro­duc­tiv­ity. You will once again lose the op­por­tu­nity to be re­warded be­cause of it. I would sug­gest you to broach this sub­ject with your man­ager stat­ing that as you are putting in so much ef­fort for a higher post, you would like to know what the ap­praisal sys­tem is for the same. If your man­ager says that ap­pre­ci­a­tion is your ap­praisal, then it’s a re­al­ity check that the com­pany doesn’t de­serve your ef­forts and you need to move on to an or­ga­ni­za­tion which val­ues you. What­ever your de­ci­sion is, make sure it is in your fa­vor.

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