Sil­ver Spring

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leaf-por­ridge of / per­sim­mon grove & hide of mat­ter im­pli­cates this in­fu­sion room. We sup­pose &, thus, framed in our im­pli­cate salts

as gar­ri­son / the fidu­ciary blend / ple­nary nervure, is what I’m wear­ing moon-mat­ter in sea­son or adrift as or­na­ment, hostas climb

against tomb-rock & it’s not ex­actly though mu­sic, cor­po­real & veined with / such il­lus­tri­ous tragedy—! hunches by the well. Smaller life

pre­vails / as it should / re­mark­able fac­to­ries com­pare the grainy glyphs against their packs of swollen play­ing cards. The river antes. We

cir­cum­scribe / a poi­son / ocher steeps against the breeze’s lac­tat­ing hovel. A su­pe­rior hus­bandry. Quince at even­song, blithe plan­ets

con­nect, the Lat­eran wound de­clines to show its / not that we de­clare— girl de­tec­tive / Higgs bo­son / snails cor­rupt, the af­fec­tive panop­ti­con

lo­cated within the am­bi­ent volt­age au­tumn flings. & mi­cro­graphic Ren­der / can­dles im­ported from out­side dis­ease’s cliff-face work­ings

ob­sid­ian : lichen : vis­age : ab­di­cate grooved deeply / the shank cor­us­cates, pec­toral light­ning strike we can’t not get enough of, hive

sym­bol­ist & self-ef­fac­ing, smallest tac­tile in­flo­res­cence. Mem­ory un­scarves &, tremu­lous, the fight­ing glands / pu­dic / are per­suaded

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