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Honey leader honey from the lion’s body I bring you A food or men­tal sub­stance a knowl­edge from the sup­Posed realm of word­less­ness the op­po­site of me Honey leader honey your hair is grow­ing around Mir­ror­shades the only thing I see is a vi­brant word is it A word if I know it flash not read­ing it Say­ing it with­out say­ing it with lips or brain but Be­ing honey you should see there’s no one here but ev­ery­one

I wanted to for­get them blindly when the world be­gan again My dou­ble honey stark as a burnt tree when I spoke Flash and I saw how wrong ev­ery­body had been In the old times when all we cre­ated was dec­o­ra­tive If I might de­stroy the old you I’m ex­tract­ing power from which Self in or­der to stand for a mo­ment above you hold­Ing my bone club my weapon of greet­ing hello honey You will not go on the way you have your tone Of voice silly and maudlin pompous and de­mand­ing You must now learn from this word wedge your new art

Honey as leader honey I am your mind lead­ing You can hear me we stand count­ing noth­ing not know­Ing num­bers any­one for­got them to beg to be home Here we are numb for I’ve de­stroyed and re­birthed you honey You have noth­ing but this vi­bra­tion we are speak­ing al­most silently You have noth­ing but this op­po­site of what you were this moltenness None of you my friend but I’ve led you to your own heart A place where no one has to know their words or Coun­ter­parts any­more your sto­ries were in­vented in dreams Your eyes were full of un­sub­stan­tial le­gends you’d made up And at­trib­uted to the fab­ri­cated bas­tards your he­roes of mil­lions They were just you I’ve ripped them out your sore­ness is free­dom

Honey leader I’m and learn­ing a lan­guage from which you Can know all oth­ers only two na­tive speak­ers left I and I and the I that has taken over now shows you the grid of re-

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