Pro­tes­tors De­mand Ouster of New CEO from NY’s Cen­ter for Jewish His­tory

The Jewish Voice - - NEW YORK - Edited by: JV Staff

On Wed­nes­day evening, Oct. 18, out­side the Cen­ter for Jewish His­tory, 15 W. 16th Street, NYC, Amer­i­cans For a Safe Is­rael/AFSI and JCC, led a protest against David My­ers, the new Pres­i­dent and CEO of the CJH.

Over 200 peo­ple as­sem­bled in front of the stage set up on W. 16th Street to hear speeches from AFSI's Co-Ex­ec­u­tive Direc­tors, He­len Freed­man and Judy Freed­man Kadish, Pres­i­dent Richard Allen, ZOA's Liz Ber­ney, AFSI's Char­lie Bern­haut, Con­cerned Ci­ti­zen Ste­wart Cahn, Yom HaShoah Com­mit­tee Chair Lynn Bursky-Tam­mam, along with rock­ing mu­sic by the trio of brothers, Pey Dalid.

In a voice re­ver­ber­at­ing with right­eous in­dig­na­tion, He­len Freed­man said: “We, the peo­ple, the grass­roots, are here to speak up for TRUTH. Enough of the lies and false­hoods. Enough of the re­vi­sion­ist his­tory. The time is NOW, as we stand be­fore the Cen­ter of Jewish His­tory - the home of five es­teemed in­sti­tu­tions - that has al­lowed it­self to be trapped in a quag­mire. With David My­ers as CEO and Pres­i­dent of the Cen­ter, it be­comes the Cen­ter of Re­vised Jewish His­tory, with the Jewish story, the Jewish en­ti­tle­ment - bi­b­li­cal, his­toric, and le­gal, lost in the fi tions and dis­tor­tions that he brings with him.”

The con­glom­er­a­tion of Jewish groups has said that My­ers has preached the "in­evitable demise of Is­rael". Th y also as­sert that My­ers has de­nied the 4000-yearold his­tory of the Jewish peo­ple and the land of Is­rael.

Ac­cord­ing to a state­ment is­sued by the groups to the me­dia, they re­it­er­ated the po­si­tion of the right of Jewish sovereignty in the land of Is­rael.

“There is no other peo­ple that has al­ways made Jerusalem its cen­tral core. In the midst of the joy of the Jewish wed­ding, the glass is shat­tered, re­mind­ing us of our con­nec­tion to Yerusha­layim.

Has David My­ers been to the "set­tle­ments" in Judea and Sa­maria? Has he ever been on a trip such as an AFSI Chizuk mis­sion, where we climb the hills of Ita­mar, Yitzhar, Ke­du­mim, Elon Moreh, Shilo, Eli, and on and on? Has he met the peo­ple and seen their homes, schools, work places? If he has, then he knows there is no "oc­cu­pa­tion" and these are the bi­b­li­cal holy places, and NOT the West Bank. If not, then he must visit them be­fore he con­demns them.

How dare My­ers ex­cuse the evil ter­ror­ism of the Arabs which has been go­ing on since the early 1900's and con­tin­ues on a daily ba­sis to­day. He says that it is "frus­tra­tion" driven. What drivel is that? What hu­man­ity is that? Do we ex­cuse mass mur­der­ers be­cause they are "frus­trated?"

How dare My­ers re­write Jewish his­tory so that the Bal­four Dec­la­ra­tion of 1917 is ques­tioned, the Is­rael vic­to­ries of 1948 and 1967 are de­clared disas­ters, and a case of Is­rael "con­quer­ing" its own land, rather than re-claim­ing it?”

“We, the peo­ple, the grass­roots, are here to speak up for TRUTH

Con­cerned ci­ti­zen Ste­wart Cahn speak­ing at the rally against the ap­point­ment of David My­ers as the new pres­i­dent and CEO of the Cen­ter of Jewish His­tory

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