Kase, Fisher claim sec­tional ti­tles

Sopho­more 170-pounder, se­nior Kase claim sec­tional ti­tles for Kutz­town; Brandy­wine’s Gim­bor, Hub­ble golden

The Kutztown Area Patriot - - FRONT PAGE - By Jeff Dewees

Wrestling runs deep in the Fisher fam­ily. Kutz­town sopho­more Tyler Fisher proves it ev­ery time he steps on the mat.

The Cougars’ tal­ented 170-pounder cleared the Dis­trict 3 Class 2A Sec­tion 1 tour­na­ment Satur­day af­ter­noon at Ham­burg with a pair of tidy vic­to­ries to win the bracket and earn his way in the Dis­trict 3 meet next week. Fisher pinned Elco’s Adam Fires­tine in 2:31 in his first match, then took out Wy­omiss­ing’s Strat Yost in the fi­nal 5-2 – a tougher match, but one in which it felt like Fisher had un­der con­trol.

The vic­to­ries pushed Fisher’s over­all dual record to 21-5 this win­ter. Two of those five de­feats were in­jury for­feits.

Fisher grew up around the sport and draws upon those re­sources fully. His fa­ther, Rob, is the long­time head wrestling coach at Kutz­town Univer­sity. The son wres­tles like a coach’s kid – tech­ni­cal, pro­fi­cient, cere­bral, with a game plan in place to beat his op­po­nent.

Fisher dom­i­nated Fires­tine, the pin sec­onds into the sec­ond pe­riod feel­ing like a for­mal­ity.

“Sec­tion­als is just a step­ping stone,” Fisher said af­ter his Fires­tine win. “Dis­tricts, re­gion­als, states, that’s the ma­jor prize. I’m just try­ing to get th­ese out of the way. Try to stay fo­cused. Drilling with my dad is re­ally pre­par­ing me.

“Last year I got in­jured be­fore the sea­son. So this year, my main goal at the be­gin­ning of the sea­son was just to get through and not to get hurt again. But now, it’s to get to states and make an im­print.”

Fisher cred­its his back­ground for his mat suc­cess.

“All the great wrestlers, the role mod­els I’ve ac­quired through my dad’s teams,” Fisher said, “guys I look to who showed me how they get it done on that mat. … My dad and my coaches are re­ally good at scout­ing.

So I have a good idea of who I’m go­ing up against, who I’ve got next and how I’m go­ing to beat them, what shots are go­ing to work.”

Fisher was not the only Cougar to win his weight class Satur­day. Team­mate Jarryd Kase, a se­nior, took gold at 192 with a late es­cape over Tulpe­hocken’s Zach Ruffner in his fi­nal. Kase trailed in the dy­ing sec­onds be­fore pick­ing up two points to win the bout 5-4.

Kase got re­venge for a 1-0 loss to Ruffner dur­ing the reg­u­lar sea­son.

“He kind of made a mis­take there with the locked hands and gave me a point,” Kase ex­plained. “He’s re­ally tough.

“I’ve been wait­ing for this mo­ment for 3½ years. I de­cided it was time to be No. 1 and I found a way out. Last year I came at No. 2 and it was dis­ap­point­ing. So I fig­ured this year it was my time. That kid out there (Ruffner) is a heck­uva wrestler. But I fig­ured a lit­tle bit of ret­ri­bu­tion was in or­der.”

Fisher and Kase were two of five Cougars who qual­i­fied for dis­tricts: Jake Sharadin reached the fi­nal at 113 be­fore fall­ing to Wy­omiss­ing’s An­thony Gust; Noah Rea­soner beat Pay­ton Gon­za­lez in their con­so­la­tion fi­nal at 132; Lo­gan Bach­man made the 182 ti­tle bout be­fore los­ing to Ham­burg’s Reese Ma­son.

Brandy­wine Heights also tasted mat suc­cess at the Ham­burg sec­tional, plac­ing four in dis­tricts, with a pair of cham­pi­ons.

Trevor Gim­bor claimed the crown at 138 with his 14-6 take­down of Schuylkill Val­ley’s Jack Ben­nett, while heavy­weight Michael Hub­ble pinned Ham­burg’s Bran­don Kessler at 1:44 of the 285 fi­nal.

Zane Deeter claimed 113’s third-place match over Ay­den Kauff­man of Ham­burg and Jake Caskie did the same at 126 to an­other Hawk, Owen DeTurk, to punch his ticket.

Dis­trict 3-AA Sec­tional At Ham­burg Fi­nals

106 Tyler Reimert (Ham­burg) F Rowan Badler (Wy­omiss­ing), 1:08 113 An­thony Gust (Wy­omiss­ing) F Jake Sharadin (Kutz­town), 2:15 120 Alex Puglio (Elco) DEC Shane Strausser (Ham­burg), 6-2 126 Tan­ner Ball (Pe­quea Val­ley) F Jethro Solomon (Schuylkill Val­ley), 5:52 132 Gabe Miller (Pe­quea Val­ley) F Hunter Wil­liams (Schuylkill Val­ley), 2:53 138 Trevor Gim­bor (Brandy­wine) MD Jack Ben­nett (Schuylkill Val­ley), 14-6 145 Dy­lan Jack­son (Pe­quea Val­ley) DEC Car­los Al­tami­rano (Schuylkill Val­ley), 5-3 152 Daniel Wan­ner (Pe­quea Val­ley) DEC Jakob Nay­lor (Wy­omiss­ing), 3-1 160 Teddy Lim­be­riou (Schuylkill Val­ley) F Tan­ner Vo­gel (Wy­omiss­ing), 3:46 170 Tyler Fisher (Kutz­town) DEC Strat Yost (Wy­omiss­ing), 7-2 182 Reese Ma­son (Ham­burg) DEC Lo­gan Bach­man (Kutz­town), 8-3 195 Jarryd Kase (Kutz­town) DEC Zach Ruffner (Tulpe­hocken), 5-4 220 Joe Coblentz (Pe­quea Val­ley) F Josh Daub (Tulpe­hocken), 2:33 285 Michael Hub­ble (Brandy­wine) F Bran­don Kessler (Ham­burg), 1:44


106 Ethan Paey (Schuylkill Val­ley) F Brenna Trout­man (Elco), 1:14 113 Zane Deeter (Brandy­wine) DEC Ay­den Kauff­man (Ham­burg), 4-3 120 Aaron Geisinger (Schuylkill Val­ley) F Klint Harpel (Brandy­wine), 2:00 126 Jake Caskie (Brandy­wine) DEC Owen Deturk (Ham­burg), 4-1 132 Noah Rea­soner (Kutz­town) DEC Pay­ton Gon­za­lez (Wy­omiss­ing), 8-3 138 Owen Nell (Elco) FMC Clay­ton Fry­moyer (Wy­omiss­ing) 145 Cam Krow (Elco) DEC Dy­lan Miller (Brandy­wine), 3-2 152 Joel Or­lando (Schuylkill Val­ley) MD Bren­dan Hamil­ton (Ham­burg), 13-5 160 Zach Sch­ef­fler (Ham­burg) F Do­minic Ma­trone (Kutz­town), 3:45 170 Ben Wei­den­ham­mer (Ham­burg) F Adam Fires­tine (Elco), 2:00 182 Canaan Nay­lor (Wy­omiss­ing) DEC Kyle Knight (Elco), 3-2 195 Austin Strunk (Ham­burg) F Quinn Hogue (Wy­omiss­ing), 1:53 220 Quin­ten Weaver (Elco) DEC Ge­orge Lim­be­riou (Schuylkill Val­ley), 5-0 285 Deion Adams (Wy­omiss­ing) DEC Tyler Horst (Elco), 7-3


106 Tyler Reimert (Ham­burg) F Brenna Trout­man (Elco), 0:16 106 Rowan Badler (Wy­omiss­ing) MD Ethan Paey (Schuylkill Val­ley), 9-1 113 An­thony Gust (Wy­omiss­ing) F Zane Deeter (Brandy­wine), 2:48 113 Jake Sharadin (Kutz­town) F Ay­den Kauff­man (Ham­burg), 2:35 120 Alex Puglio (Elco) MD Aaron Geisinger (Schuylkill Val­ley), 14-2 120 Shane Strausser (Ham­burg) F Klint Harpel (Brandy­wine), 4:00 126 Tan­ner Ball (Pe­quea Val­ley) F Fabian Adames (Wy­omiss­ing), 0:40 126 Jethro Solomon (Schuylkill Val­ley) MD Jake Caskie (Brandy­wine), 10-1 132 Gabe Miller (Pe­quea Val­ley) F Noah Rea­soner (Kutz­town), 3:35 132 Hunter Wil­liams (Schuylkill Val­ley) MD Pay­ton Gon­za­lez (Wy­omiss­ing), 17-4 138 Jack Ben­nett (Schuylkill Val­ley) MD Clay­ton Fry­moyer (Wy­omiss­ing), 16-8 138 Trevor Gim­bor (Brandy­wine) F Owen Nell (Elco), 1:33 145 Dy­lan Jack­son (Pe­quea Val­ley) MD Dy­lan Miller (Brandy­wine), 9-0 145 Car­los Al­tami­rano (Schuylkill Val­ley) F Cam Krow (Elco), 2:54 152 Daniel Wan­ner (Pe­quea Val­ley) F Bren­dan Hamil­ton (Ham­burg), 4:37 152 Jakob Nay­lor (Wy­omiss­ing) DEC Joel Or­lando (Schuylkill Val­ley), 6-3 160 Tan­ner Vo­gel (Wy­omiss­ing) TF Do­minic Ma­trone (Kutz­town), 19-4 3:40 160 Teddy Lim­be­riou (Schuylkill Val­ley) DEC Zach Sch­ef­fler (Ham­burg), 9-3 170 Tyler Fisher (Kutz­town) F Adam Fires­tine (Elco), 2:31 170 Strat Yost (Wy­omiss­ing) F Ben Wei­den­ham­mer (Ham­burg), 2:54 182 Reese Ma­son (Ham­burg) F Kyle Knight (Elco), 4:19 182 Lo­gan Bach­man (Kutz­town) DEC Canaan Nay­lor (Wy­omiss­ing), 4-1 195 Zach Ruffner (Tulpe­hocken) F Quinn Hogue (Wy­omiss­ing), 0:52 195 Jarryd Kase (Kutz­town) DEC Austin Strunk (Ham­burg), 10-5 220 Josh Daub (Tulpe­hocken) DEC Ge­orge Lim­be­riou (Schuylkill Val­ley), 6-3 220 Joe Coblentz (Pe­quea Val­ley) F Quin­ten Weaver (Elco), 1:21 285 Bran­don Kessler (Ham­burg) F Tyler Horst (Elco), 2:40 285 Michael Hub­ble (Brandy­wine) DEC Deion Adams (Wy­omiss­ing), 4-0


Kutz­town’s Tyler Fisher looks for a shot against Wy­omiss­ing’s Strat Yost in the 170 fi­nal of the Dis­trict 3-AA sec­tional at Ham­burg on Feb. 19. At left, Kutz­town’s Jake Sharadin, top, and Wy­omiss­ing’s An­thony Gust com­pete in the 113 fi­nal of the Dis­trict 3-AA sec­tional.


Schuylkill Val­ley’s Jack Ben­nett, bot­tom, tries to bridge out of sur­ren­der­ing back points to Brandy­wine’s Trevor Gim­bor dur­ing the 138 fi­nal of the Dis­trict 3-AA sec­tional at Ham­burg on Feb. 19.


Kutz­town’s Lo­gan Bach­man, left, and Ham­burg’s Reese Ma­son com­pete in the 182 fi­nal of the Dis­trict 3-AA sec­tional at Ham­burg on Feb. 19.

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