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READ­ERS: To­day’s Sound Off is about bring­ing an­other per­son to a job interview.

— Heloise “DEAR HELOISE: It should be com­mon knowl­edge that you don’t bring your kids, hus­band or boyfriend, or mother to your job interview. It’s one of the quick­est ways to be elim­i­nated as a can­di­date for the job. And yet, just to­day I was about to interview a young woman of 23, and when I called her name, her boyfriend got up and said he was go­ing into the interview with her to see to it that I didn’t ask any ques­tions that he didn’t like.

“When I said he was not go­ing into the interview, he said he had a few ques­tions he wanted to ask, such as how much va­ca­tion time she’d get and could she leave at 3 p.m. on Fri­days. I asked them to leave my of­fice. Un­less you need an in­ter­preter, which is al­lowed, you shouldn’t bring an­other per­son with you to an interview for a job.

“— Karen in Louisiana” DEAR READ­ERS: Trans­par­ent tape has many uses be­sides wrap­ping gifts, such as:

≤ When trav­el­ing, pack a small dispenser of tape for mend­ing a loose hem.

≤ In an emer­gency, you can tape a cut fin­ger and pre­vent bac­te­ria from get­ting into the wound.

≤ The matte tape can be ap­plied to a num­ber of things to al­low you to write your name. — Heloise I know there must be others like me who like their soft drinks cold but find that ice melts and di­lutes the drink.

I pour a bit of a soft drink into each ice-cube tray and freeze it. When I use th­ese, as they melt, they don’t di­lute my drink but still keep it cold. Love your col­umn in the San An­to­nio Ex­press-News.

— Bil­lie M., New Braun­fels, Texas DEAR HELOISE: For beach­go­ers, there are some things you should al­ways pack in your beach bag be­sides tan­ning oil and a towel:

≤ Sun­block — every­one should use it, but this is es­pe­cially im­por­tant for chil­dren and very fair-skinned peo­ple who burn rather than tan.

≤ Meat ten­der­izer — this is good to have on hand if you are near an ocean that has jel­ly­fish. Mix a lit­tle wa­ter with the ten­der­izer to make a paste, and ap­ply it to the af­fected area.

≤ Slip-on shoes or rub­ber thongs for the feet — by mid­day, sand can get ex­tremely hot, so don’t go bare­foot to the beach.

≤ A hat (one with a wide brim is best) — shield your head in the hot sun, as well as your eyes from ul­travi­o­let rays.

≤ Bot­tled wa­ter — stay hy­drated, and I can’t em­pha­size this enough.

— Alana S., Ocean Park, Maine DEAR HELOISE: My son came home from school with head lice! How could he have picked up lice?

— Lana F., Bar­ber­ton, Ohio LANA, THERE IS no cor­re­la­tion be­tween per­sonal hy­giene and con­tract­ing head lice. Tell your son that in the fu­ture he is not to share caps, hats, scarves or other cloth­ing with his friends or class­mates. There are many over-the-counter reme­dies for head lice.

— Heloise Copy­right 2017

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