Hawaii Res­i­dents Urged to Get New Joint Pain ‘Vac­cine’

“It’s the only thing that’s ever worked,” say pa­tients; Now you can get it for free

The Maui News - - TODAY’S PEOPLE - By Adrienne McKin­ney Se­nior Health Edi­tor

Imag­ine turn­ing back the clock on your achy joints and mus­cles. Re­turn­ing to the days be­fore pain and dis­com­fort kept you from do­ing the lit­tle things you used to take for granted. Things like work­ing in your gar­den, play­ing with your grand­kids and even a good night’s sleep. Well, your days of liv­ing pillto-pill could be over. An all-nat­u­ral sup­ple­ment by Op­ti­mum Life Labs called Joint Nir­vana is now avail­able in Hawaii and peo­ple are call­ing it “the” joint and mus­cle pain “vac­cine” Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about. “I’ve tried ev­ery pain pill the doc­tor has ever pre­scribed me and Joint Nir­vana is the only thing that’s made the pain stop,” said Al­berta, Canada res­i­dent Astrid Hansen who’s been tak­ing it daily for just 4 months.

It Finds All Your Aches And Pains

The se­cret be­hind the suc­cess of this lit­tle pill is in the way it “au­to­mat­i­cally” finds your achy joints and mus­cles. It’s al­most like it has a road map of your en­tire body and knows ex­actly where to go to de­liver the most re­lief. “Joint Nir­vana is a spe­cial pill,” said Dr. Ge­or­gia Ro­driguez, director of re­search at Op­ti­mum Life Labs. “It finds the in­flam­ma­tion that’s caus­ing all your mis­ery and de­liv­ers mil­lions of tiny lit­tle build­ing blocks. They put out the fire and re­build the dam­age you’ve done to your joints over decades of daily wear-and-tear.”

Decades Of Med­i­cal Re­search

Joint Nir­vana is based on the med­i­cal re­search con­ducted by Al­bu­querque or­tho­pe­dic sur­geon Dr. Lloyd Hur­ley over 20 years ago. In Dr. Hur­ley’s ground­break­ing one-year study, over 100 arthri­tis pa­tients re­ported that their joint and mus­cle pain had al­most dis­ap­peared after just a few weeks of tak­ing a lit­tle-known sea mus­sel in sup­ple­ment form. But the amaz­ing re­sults of Dr. Hur­ley’s study didn’t end there.

Car­ti­lage Dam­age Re­versed

Fol­low up x-rays of these same pa­tients showed that the dam­age caused by arthri­tis did not get worse while they took the sea mus­sel sup­ple­ment daily. In fact, the com­plete op­po­site hap­pened. The x-rays Dr. Hur­ley took proved with­out a doubt that some of his pa­tients were able to re-grow car­ti­lage. A thing other doc­tors had told them was com­pletely out of the ques­tion. “Arthri­tis is con­sid­ered in­cur­able, the wear-and-tear of aging,” said Dr. Hur­ley, “but ev­i­dence shows it can be re­versed.”

Drug Com­pa­nies Don’t Want You To Know

Dr. Hur­ley’s re­search does show arthri­tis can be stopped and re­versed with­out the need of bru­tal and ex­pen­sive surg­eries that re­quire months of painful re­hab. “Big Pharma and Big Medicine has known about Dr. Hur­ley’s re­search for decades, it’s not a se­cret, but they turn a blind eye to it,” said Vic­tor Urbina, CEO of Op­ti­mum Life Labs. “Let’s face it, there’s too much money at risk for them to ad­mit some­thing like this could work. “We took the med­i­cal knowl­edge Dr. Hur­ley ac­cu­mu­lated over his 40-year ca­reer where he helped thou­sands of arthri­tis pa­tients and put it in an easy-to-swal­low pill,” con­tin­ued Urbina. “Ev­ery week we hear a new story of one of our cus­tomers find­ing real re­lief for the first time. That’s some­thing Big Pharma and Big Medicine can’t ig­nore.”

Fully Guar­an­teed

Peo­ple who suf­fer de­bil­i­tat­ing joint and mus­cle pain want one thing, to find re­lief. But most of them have re­signed them­selves to sim­ply find­ing a way to man­age the pain they cur­rently have and hope it doesn’t get worse. Joint Nir­vana was for­mu­lated with its ac­tive sea mus­sel in­gre­di­ent to do more than just mask and numb your pain the way over-the-counter and pre­scrip­tion pain pills do. Op­ti­mum Life Labs guar­an­tees that it could give you real re­sults if you give the mil­lions of tiny build­ing blocks it de­liv­ers time to re­build your crum­bling joints. “We stand be­hind Joint Nir­vana 1000%,” said Urbina. “We know it works. Here’s why. “An 83-year-old cus­tomer of ours suf­fered from bru­tal mus­cle pain caused by spina bi­fida her whole life. She started tak­ing Joint Nir­vana and the pain com­pletely dis­ap­peared. She called beg­ging us to never stop mak­ing it.” But how can Op­ti­mum Life Labs guar­an­tee it could work for you? They say it’s all in the re­search.

Con­trolled Study Proves It, Doc­tor Agrees

The sea mus­sel Dr. Hur­ley tapped into and that Joint Nir­vana uses has a long sci­en­tific re­search his­tory and an even longer his­tory of real world use. A 1983 study by the Royal Mel­bourne In­sti­tute of Tech­nol­ogy in Aus­tralia showed that in con­trolled tests it safely re­duced al­most all pain and in­flam­ma­tion. NSAIDs and as­pirin only re­duced it by half or less. “The sea mus­sel is to­tally safe. It pro­tects your stom­ach. It’s noth­ing like NSAIDs and as­pirin that de­stroy it,” said Dr. Ge­orges M. Halpern. In the real world, the Maori tribes who live on the coasts of New Zealand have been eat­ing the sea mus­sel as a reg­u­lar part of their diet for cen­turies. When sci­en­tists from around the world stud­ied the Maori they dis­cov­ered that they had a much lower rate of arthri­tis than their New Zealand neigh­bors. They lived painfree to a ripe old age. But why? The dif­fer­ence was in what they ate: the lit­tle sea mus­sel that Dr. Hur­ley pre­scribed his arthritic pa­tients and that Op­ti­mum Life Labs has bot­tled in Joint Nir­vana.

Risk-Free Trial

Through a spe­cial ar­range­ment with Op­ti­mum Life Labs, they have agreed to send you up to 5 free bot­tles of Joint Nir­vana with your or­der. As a bonus, they’re also of­fer­ing you a “readers only” dis­count. This lim­ited trial is 100% risk-free. If Joint Nir­vana doesn’t help you en­joy the ac­tiv­i­ties you used to love with­out pain you won’t pay a penny! (Ex­cept S&H) You’re cov­ered by their 100% pain-re­lief guar­an­tee for an en­tire year. So the only thing you have to lose is your pain. If you’re still not con­vinced that Joint Nir­vana could work for you, here’s what real peo­ple who have tried it are say­ing.

I Feel Bet­ter For First Time In 63 Years

“I got 24 different things wrong with me, Joint Nir­vana is what’s made me feel bet­ter for the first time in 63 years.” -Si­mone Phillips, Hamp­ton, NH

I Sleep Bet­ter At Night

“I’ve been sleeping bet­ter at night since I started tak­ing Joint Nir­vana, thank you!” -Daniel Rachelle, Pen­sacola, FL

My Knees No Longer Hurt

“I’ve had my right knee and left shoul­der re­placed. Joint Nir­vana is help­ing me avoid get­ting my left knee re­placed too, I’m con­fi­dent it’s work­ing.” -Char­lie Wilkes, Den­ver, CO

I’ll Never Be With­out It Again

“When I was born the doc­tors told my par­ents I wouldn’t live one year. I’ve lived in pain my whole life. Joint Nir­vana is the only thing that’s made the pain stop and I’ve tried ev­ery­thing!” - Astrid Hansen, Al­berta, Canada

You’re A Tick­ing Time Bomb

Re­search shows you’re a tick­ing time bomb. We are all go­ing to de­velop arthri­tis. It’s al­ready in­side us be­cause achy joints are part of get­ting old. The ques­tion be­comes, how bad will your arthri­tis be and how much will it ruin your life? You de­serve to do ev­ery­thing you can to try to stop it in its tracks.

How To Get Joint Nir­vana

No pre­scrip­tion is needed to take ad­van­tage of this “readers only” offer and it’s not avail­able in stores. Be­cause of lim­ited availability in Hawaii, this offer ex­pires in 24-hours. So please act fast. To re­quest your risk-free trial and up to 5 free bot­tles pick up your phone and dial 1-800-817-1183. The first 50 call­ers will re­ceive a huge money sav­ing dis­count. There is a full one year, no ques­tions asked, 100% money back guar­an­tee if you’re not ab­so­lutely de­lighted be­cause your pain is com­pletely gone. Call now be­fore this spe­cial in­tro­duc­tory price goes up.

Daniel Rachelle is pain free for the first time in years. He cred­its a new sup­ple­ment peo­ple are call­ing a ‘vac­cine’ for joint pain. Res­i­dents in pain are en­cour­aged to find out how they can get up to 5 bot­tles of the sup­ple­ment for free.

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