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READ­ERS: To­day’s Sound Off is about wait­ing even though you have an ap­point­ment:

“DEAR HELOISE: Since when is it OK to have an ap­point­ment at 10 a.m. and not get in un­til 11:30 a.m.? There are no emer­gen­cies for these peo­ple; they just seem to be over­book­ing. How do your read­ers feel about this?”

— Liz V. in San An­to­nio

LIZ, I un­der­stand your frus­tra­tions. I have friends who’ll wait no more than 15 min­utes at an ap­point­ment, then leave. Read­ers, what do you do? — Heloise


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DEAR HELOISE: Got an old baby bath­tub? There are still some great uses for it:

≤ It makes a won­der­ful pet bath­tub for small an­i­mals.

≤ I take mine camp­ing so I can wash dishes in it.

≤ My hus­band fills it with warm, soapy wa­ter and soaks his feet in it.

≤ My sis­ter, a cloth­ing de­signer, uses hers to dye fabric.

— He­len K., Alpena, Mich. DEAR HELOISE: Af­ter read­ing Rita’s idea about a re­ward mes­sage for re­turn­ing a lost cell­phone, I thought of an­other idea: I down­loaded a free doo­dle app to my phone and wrote on my screen photo: “If found call (I put in my hus­band’s phone num­ber). Re­ward for re­turn of phone.” This way, if some­one finds my phone, he or she will have my in­for­ma­tion with­out un­lock­ing my phone.

— An Avid Reader, The Villages,


DEAR HELOISE: Liv­ing out in the coun­try, I often take long walks, and I no­tice stones along the road. Some have in­ter­est­ing mark­ings; oth­ers are a pretty color. I started to col­lect these stones and found uses for them. I put them in the bot­tom of vases, about 3 inches deep, fill with wa­ter and put cut flow­ers in the vase. This not only keeps the vase from tip­ping over, but helps to hold the flow­ers in place. I also fill at­trac­tive glass con­tain­ers with these stones and dis­play them on a long buf­fet ta­ble in my din­ing room.

— Kelly W., Santa Fe, N.M.

DEAR HELOISE: I read in your col­umn about the ex­hausted folks who dread the ar­rival of house­guests at their va­ca­tion home. Here are a few ideas from some­one who has ex­pe­ri­ence with this:

≤ Al­ways ask your guests to bring their own sheets and tow­els (and take those items home with them).

≤ Plan easy meals where ev­ery­one cooks (even the kids).

≤ Ask your guests to plan some­thing spe­cial as en­ter­tain­ment, ei­ther at home or by tak­ing you out.

You can wel­come them with­out dread!

— Susan G., Forest­burgh, N.Y.

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