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The Mercury News Weekend - - PUZZLES -

Sub­ject: BAD OMENS

Al­ter­nate an­swers may be pos­si­ble. (e.g., What day of the year is con­sid­ered to be un­lucky? An­swer: Fri­day the 13.)

Fresh­man level

1. If this an­i­mal crosses your path it is un­lucky. 2. Break­ing one of these re­sults in seven years of bad luck. 3. Walk­ing un­der one of these is also bad luck.

Grad­u­ate level

4. If this hap­pens, throw some of it over your left shoul­der. 5. It is not a good idea to open one of these in­doors. 6. It’s bad luck to have “three on a ___.”

Ph.D. level

7. See­ing or hear­ing this bird dur­ing the day is not a good thing. 8. Bad luck awaits if you leave one of these on a bed. 9. Putting new, un­used ____ on a ta­ble could re­sult in a death.


1. Black cat. 2. Mir­ror. 3. Lad­der. 4. Spilling of salt. 5. Um­brella. 6. Match. 7. Owl. 8. Hat. 9. Shoes.

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