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Vol­ume I dis­cusses in de­tail the work­ings of the hu­man brain and such top­ics as con­scious­ness, free will, mean­ing, etc. A new the­ory is de­vel­oped as to how the brain can ac­com­mo­date mean­ing, a ca­pa­bil­ity that may al­ways be be­yond that of ma­chines. This vol­ume also dis­cusses how the mind, con­scious­ness and free will emerge from the work­ings of the brain and how and when they evolved along the evo­lu­tion­ary scale.

Vol­ume I also dis­cusses what is called Con­cep­tu­al­iza­tion. This the­ory at­tempts to ex­plain how we ar­rive at val­ues and util­ity in our in­ter­ac­tion with var­i­ous cat­e­gories in the world.

Vol­ume II then makes an anal­ogy be­tween an eco­nomic sys­tem like the US econ­omy and the brain. A model of the econ­omy is de­vel­oped that dis­cusses how a kind of mind emerges from the work­ings of the econ­omy anal­o­gous to the way the hu­man mind emerges from the work­ings of the brain. It is called the sys­tem mind. Ev­i­dence for a sys­tem mind is pre­sented from re­cent phe­nom­ena such as the Rus­sian tran­si­tion, 9/11, the women’s move­ment and eco­nomic down­turns.

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