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Q: I just fin­ished binge­watch­ing “Glow” on Net­flix, and I have to know if it will be back for an­other sea­son. -- Frank C., Albany, New York

A: “Glow,” which pre­miered on the stream­ing net­work in June, will in­deed have a 10-episode sea­son two. The ex­act date has not yet been an­nounced. For those un­fa­mil­iar with the se­ries, the based-on-real-life-events wrestling com­edy is set in 1985 and cen­ters on Ruth Wilder (played by “Com­mu­nity” alum Ali­son Brie), a strug­gling ac­tress who stum­bles upon her lat­est gig of star­ring in a new con­cept en­ter­tain­ment se­ries about women wrestlers, aka the Gor­geous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW).

Q: I saw a com­mer­cial on PBS for a movie called “Far­thest.” Can you tell me what that’s about? -- Kenny T., via email

A: My New York col­league, Michael Dres­sel, at­tended the press screen­ing of the doc­u­men­tary for me. Here’s what he re­ported back: “’The Far­thest’ cel­e­brates 40 years (and count­ing) of the Voy­ager in­ter­stel­lar mission. The twin un­manned space­craft, each no larger than a com­pact au­to­mo­bile, launched in 1977 on a ‘grand tour’ of the outer plan­ets of the so­lar sys­tem -Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Nep­tune.

“The two-hour film fea­tures in­ter­views with the Voy­ager mission team, cap­tur­ing the ten­sion and ela­tion of a historic mission that sent back un­prece­dented data and im­agery. The film is both an ad­ven­ture story and an aspirational tale, one in which mankind hopes to find some­thing of it­self in the vast­ness of space. Through­out its farflung odyssey, the Voy­ager mission is an em­blem of hope and hu­man cu­rios­ity.

“In­cluded on each craft is a press­ing of the Golden Record. Made un­der di­rec­tion of famed as­tronomer Carl Sagan, this mes­sage in a bot­tle -- a primer of life on Earth for any ex­trater­res­trial be­ing that might en­counter it -- in­cludes mu­sic from Beethoven to Chuck Berry, mes­sages of greet­ing, na­ture sounds and pic­tures of Earth and its in­hab­i­tants.

“In one par­tic­u­larly poignant mo­ment, the Voy­ager craft, its mission com­plete, turns its cam­era back to cap­ture Earth as a pale blue dot in the ex­panse of space, now one of the most fa­mous images of our planet, which Sagan po­et­i­cally de­scribed as the place where ‘ev­ery­one you love, ev­ery­one you know, ev­ery­one you ever heard of, every hu­man be­ing who ever was, lived out their lives ... on a mote of dust sus­pended in a sun­beam.’”

Q: When will “Vik­ings” be back? It seems like for­ever since there’s been a new episode. -- Gian W., via email

A: I know the wait seems long when it’s an awe­some show like the Travis Fim­mel star­ring his­tor­i­cal drama. Travis plays Rag­nar Loth­brok, a farmer who rises to fame by suc­cess­ful raids into Eng­land, and even­tu­ally be­comes a Scan­di­na­vian king. “Vik­ings,” which is based on his­tor­i­cal events, will be back for 20 new episodes when sea­son five pre­mieres Nov. 29 on the History chan­nel.

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