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While driv­ing home from Sacra­mento ear­lier in the week, my son re­minded me of two of my fa­vorite ac­tiv­i­ties that fewer of our youth are par­tic­i­pat­ing in now more than ever. Tackle foot­ball has shown a big de­cline in par­tic­i­pa­tion over the past ten years for ob­vi­ous rea­sons, un­for­tu­nately so has fish­ing. As some­one who works with youth daily, I’m amazed at how many of them have never been fish­ing be­fore. Un­for­tu­nately, a lot of kids nowa­days would rather sit at home and play an on­line game than get­ting out and go­ing fish­ing. The fish­ing in­dus­try has def­i­nitely taken no­tice of this but I’ve yet to see any real push to­wards get­ting kids out fish­ing.

Delta Re­port:

Early fall is a great time to throw rat­tle traps and crank baits on the delta. You may think that it’s too early in the year but our nights have been get­ting colder and our days have be­come shorter. The fish def­i­nitely know that there’s a change oc­cur­ring so don’t dis­count your fa­vorite lure for bass. Cat­fish­ing con­tin­ues to be good for an­glers us­ing just about any bait that they can keep on the bot­tom. Striped bass are start­ing to be caught through­out the delta right now lead­ing me to be­lieve that it won’t be long be­fore they re­ally start bit­ing; an­glers cur­rently catch­ing them are us­ing live bait.

New Melones Lake:

Koka­nee fish­ing con­tin­ues to be spo­radic for a lot of an­glers. Those that are will­ing to grind it out are be­ing re­warded with some of the big­gest fish of the year which at times have ex­ceeded 20 inches in length. An­glers trolling are trolling as deep as 100 feet deep. Bass fish­ing re­mains good for an­glers fish­ing in the early and late part of the day with top wa­ter lures. Dur­ing the day an­glers are tar­get­ing the bass with small plas­tic bait from the shore down to 30 feet deep. Cat­fish­ing is re­ally good right now for an­glers fish­ing at night with sar­dines or an­chovies.

Lake Don Pe­dro:

There are a lot of large schools of shad be­ing found through­out the lake right now. An­glers fish­ing or trolling around those schools are hav­ing luck catch­ing trout and king salmon. Fish­ing for koka­nee has died down as many of the lake’s koka­nee have be­gun their an­nual spawn. Bass an­glers are also fish­ing around those schools with crank baits or drop shot­ted worms. Dur­ing the morn­ing and evening hours the top wa­ter bite for bass has been good. Dur­ing the day an­glers are search­ing out the schools of bait fish.

Lake New Ho­gan:

Fish­ing for bass is good right now as there are a lot of fish be­ing caught by those fish­ing small plas­tics and crank baits. The prob­lem dur­ing the day is all of the boat traf­fic. There are ar­eas of the lake that are five mile zones but they quickly get churned up as well. My ad­vice if plan­ning on go­ing there is to fish early and leave early.

Prod­uct of the Week:

I must ad­mit that when it comes to fish­ing gim­micks, I’ve been had more times than not be­liev­ing that I had the se­cret bait or tech­nique. A few years ago, I was turned onto Trap­per Tack­les Trap­per Hook and haven’t looked back. The hooks at first sight look so dif­fer­ent than any­thing I ever used be­fore but the re­sults are hard to ig­nore. If you get a chance to buy some I highly rec­om­mend you giv­ing them a chance. Es­pe­cially the new Trap­per Tre­ble hook, once hook­ing a fish, it’s not com­ing off. My only fear is how a per­son would re­move an imbed­ded hook. Take a look for your­self and you’ll know ex­actly what I mean.


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