Man trapped in ATM asks cus­tomers for help

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A Texas man who be­came trapped in­side an ATM slipped notes to cus­tomers via the re­ceipt slot plead­ing for them to help him es­cape, po­lice said Thurs­day.

The con­trac­tor be­came stuck Wed­nes­day when he was chang­ing a lock to a Bank of Amer­ica room that leads to the back of the ATM, Cor­pus Christi po­lice Lt. Chris Hooper said. He couldn’t let him­self out of the room be­cause he didn’t have a key­card on him and was un­able to no­tify bank em­ploy­ees for help.

“Ap­par­ently he left his cell­phone and the swipe card he needed to get out of the room out­side in his truck,” Hooper said.

When he re­al­ized cus­tomers were re­triev­ing cash from the ma­chine, he passed notes to them through the ATM re­ceipt slot. One read, “Please help. I’m stuck in here and I don’t have my phone. Please call my boss ...”

Some cus­tomers ap­peared to dis­miss the notes as a gag, Hooper said. But one called po­lice, who de­tected a faint voice com­ing from in­side the ATM. An of­fi­cer kicked in the door to the room and freed the man, whose name has not been re­leased.

“Ev­ery­one is OK, but you will never see this in your life, that some­body was stuck in the ATM. It was just crazy,” Richard Olden, a po­lice se­nior of­fi­cer, told KRIS-TV.

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