Why not let peo­ple de­cide?

The Oklahoman (Sunday) - - OPINION - Phyl­lis Am­mer, Ok­la­homa City

What is Phil Horn­ing (Point of View, May 9) so wor­ried about? What’s wrong with let­ting “we the peo­ple” de­cide if we want to pay more taxes? Af­ter all, it is our pock­et­books he wants the state to raid. Why not let us de­cide for our­selves if we want to pay the costs of not only the tax in­crease, but the ex­tra costs as­so­ci­ated with those tax in­creases? For in­stance, when the cost of fuel in­creases, the cost of goods in­crease. Con­sumers ab­sorb that cost. It might not be a lot of money to a lawyer such as Horn­ing, but it’s a lot to the poor and el­derly on fixed in­comes.

Horn­ing, like many lib­er­als, can­not make a point with­out calling peo­ple names who have an op­po­site opin­ion, i.e. “Tax Re­sen­ters.” I don’t re­sent pay­ing the taxes I pay as much as I re­sent the waste­ful­ness at the state agen­cies.

I have ut­most re­spect for teach­ers and be­lieve they de­serve a raise. My ob­jec­tion is how the Leg­is­la­ture went about this. They took the easy way out. It’s much eas­ier to raise taxes than to do the work it takes to find the waste. Ok­la­homans are hard­work­ing peo­ple and we de­serve a state gov­ern­ment that takes it se­ri­ously when it comes to tax­ing us and spend­ing our money.

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