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Vote them out

I whole-heart­edly agree with Robert Brian (Your Views, Sept. 8). My wife and I also make too much to qual­ify for health sub­si­dies and pay an ex­or­bi­tant amount for health in­surance with large de­ductibles. While politi­cians have con­tin­u­ally catered to in­surance com­pa­nies and Big Pharma, Amer­i­cans are get­ting ripped off with an in­fe­rior prod­uct. I also will move out of the coun­try, as I have lost all faith in our po­lit­i­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tion. All we hear is how the politi­cians are look­ing to change the ex­ist­ing health care model. They have ex­cel­lent ex­am­ples through­out the world, but do noth­ing.

To agree with Brian one more time — vote them out. Time is up. Time to go.

Ray Kr­cha, Nor­man

En­joy Ecuador

I hope Robert Brian (Your Views, Sept. 8) en­joys Ecuador. Be­fore gov­ern­ment got in­volved, his health in­surance was most likely af­ford­able. What makes him think more gov­ern­ment in­volve­ment will make the sit­u­a­tion bet­ter? The so­cial­ist coun­tries he thinks are so won­der­ful have out­ra­geous tax rates, months-long waits for pre­ven­ta­tive care and sub­stan­dard treat­ment be­cause there is no in­cen­tive for doc­tors to ex­cel and no in­cen­tive for cut­ting-edge re­search. Those who want gov­ern­ment mak­ing their health care de­ci­sions, please move to a so­cial­ist coun­try and leave us free­dom- and lib­erty-lov­ing peo­ple to make our own de­ci­sions.

Red­mond Barry, Ok­la­homa City

I’ll pass

Re­gard­ing the let­ter by Robert Brian (Your Views, Sept. 8): My hus­band is from Canada with many friends and rel­a­tives liv­ing there, so we are quite ac­quainted with the one-payer health care sys­tem. Canada has some of the long­est wait times in the de­vel­oped world as well as se­vere ra­tioning of health tech­nol­ogy (only 8.8 MRI ma­chines per mil­lion peo­ple, for ex­am­ple, when the USA has 35.5).

De­lays in med­i­cal care af­ter a can­cer di­ag­no­sis have led to early death for 44,000 women in Canada. In Scot­land, sur­vival rates for all can­cer pa­tients are sig­nif­i­cantly lower than in Amer­ica. The U.K. Na­tional Health Ser­vice pa­tient is 45 per­cent more likely to die in the hos­pi­tal than a U.S. pa­tient. In Canada, my cousin was di­ag­nosed with kidney can­cer. Af­ter three months of wait­ing, the can­cer had spread to her other kidney. When she was put on dial­y­sis, she drove 120 miles for treat­ment three times a week. She died.

Moral­ity rates of coun­tries that have univer­sal health care, com­pared with Amer­i­cans, are stag­ger­ing. I think I will pass on univer­sal health care.

Carole Blacke, Yukon

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