A newway of look­ing at your cir­cum­stances

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A newlife can come from a newway of look­ing at your cir­cum­stances. Feb 10th What thoughts are you think­ing right now? It’s been said that the av­er­age per­son has about fifty to seventy thou­sand thoughts a day. The mind, like a mag­net, pulls to­wards us our prom­i­nent thoughts. Just as a steel mag­net will draw out only the things which it has a re­sem­blance for, we con­stantly draw to us our thoughts and the sit­u­a­tions and peo­ple that re­spond to our be­liefs and prin­ci­ples. Our lead­ing be­liefs can ac­ti­vate forces to pro­duce con­di­tions that cor­re­spond to our ba­sic view­points and, thus, cre­ate our fu­ture. For our thoughts play a ma­jor role in our lives. The Bi­ble teaches us in Proverbs 23:7, as we think, so shall we turn out to be.

Late last sum­mer, my chil­dren and I went to a birth­day party. It was for a 10-year-old girl and we en­joyed a lovely af­ter­noon. The child’s par­ents had ev­ery de­tail cov­ered. To amuse the chil­dren, there was a wa- ter­slide, unique craft projects, and even a zip line. For lunch, we had a cook-out. And for dessert, the chil­dren made s’mores. Then, we en­joyed home­made birth­day cake and vanilla ice-cream. Af­ter the party, my chil­dren and I stayed to help clean up. Some­time later, I over­heard the birth­day girl say to her mother, “Mom, you for­got to serve the choco­late syrup.” Rather than fo­cus­ing on the 100 great things that hap­pened that day. The lit­tle girl mulled over the one thing that wasn’t quite right.

In the same way, let’s fo­cus on the 90 per­cent of things that are right in our lives in­stead of think­ing con­tin­u­ally about the one or two chal­lenges or sit­u­a­tions that may need im­prove­ment. There is noth­ing as pow­er­ful as a changed mind. A new life can come from a new way of look­ing at your cir­cum­stances.

God plans to give you the fu­ture you hope for. So re­lease past hurts, re­grets or guilt and get your mind go­ing in the right di­rec­tion. Don’t think your­self out of your mir­a­cle. God’s mercy is fresh and new ev­ery morn­ing. So stop sab­o­tag­ing your suc­cess by think­ing de­struc­tive, wrong thoughts. What you fo­cus on, you will feel whether it is true or not. So don’t give at­ten- tion to neg­a­tive sto­ries in your mind. Just be­cause you have a thought or a feel­ing, it doesn’t mean it is a fact. Maybe it’s the com­plete op­po­site of what you are think­ing is true. The more you think and talk about a dif­fi­culty; the big­ger the is­sue can be­come. Yet, if you change your mind-set, the con­di­tion you are fac­ing must change.

Break­ing through neg­a­tive in­ner self-talk can be like ex­er­cis­ing. At first, it may be dif­fi­cult. But if you start small, you will grad­u­ally be­come stronger. And be­fore long, it will be­come ef­fort­less. By per­sis­tently think­ing op­ti­misti- cally, en­cour­ag­ing, mo­ti­vat­ing thoughts, backed by the steady ex­er­cise of un­wa­ver­ing faith and con­fi­dence, you can re­make your­self and your sit­u­a­tions.

A while back, I read about a fam­ily who com­pletely over­turned their sit­u­a­tion by reversing their thought process and at­ti­tude. They then gained a new be­gin­ning. They had been liv­ing in a run-down, dis­cour­ag­ing at­mos­phere for so long, they were con­vinced that suc­cess was for oth­ers, but not for them. They be­lieved so thor­oughly that they were fated to be des­ti­tute, that their at­ti­tude, their work, home, and en­tire en­vi­ron­ment were pic­tures of dis­or­der. And by hold­ing a poor opin­ion of their abil­i­ties, they ac­tu­ally thought them­selves into melan­choly and weak­ness.

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