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The fol­low­ing deeds were among those recorded in the Madi­son County clerk’s of­fice from Jan. 29through Feb. 2, 2018. Shady Lane Mo­bile Manor to Shady Lane Com­mu­nity: 785Fyler Road, Chit­te­nango, for $2,400,000. Wal­rath Aleace to De­bra Spurl­ing: 305Roberts St., Canas­tota, for $52,000. Carl Go­gol Jr. to Diane Delaney: 107Narsasian Deruyter, for $237,000. John Mann to Drake Prop­erty: 607Bai­ley St., Chit­te­nango, for $52,500. John Mann to Drake Prop­erty Man­age­ment: 607 Forbes Ave., Chit­te­nango, for $63,000. Us Bank to Mikaela Hartt: 25Gil­lette Lane, Cazen­ovia, for $183,000. Ken­nard Woolsey to TP Restau­rant: 3231Seneca Turn­pike, Canas­tota, for $1,045.000. Bar­bara Tompkins to Michael Van­den­berg: 10922 Hoxie Road, Brook­field, for $370,000. William Bland­ing to Joseph Bel­lomo: 312Bar­rett Lane, Bridge­port, for $167,000. James Stephens to Cazen­ovia Preser­va­tion Foun­da­tion: Burlingame Road, Cazen­ovia, for $110,000. Car­rie Mon­tro to O’Reilly Auto En­ter­prises: 703 Ge­ne­see Turn­pike, Chit­te­nango, for $600,000. Mark Poo­ley to Oneida In­dian Na­tion: 440-444 Route 31, Chit­te­nango, for $220,000. Gra­ham Liv­ing Trust to Mark Mill­son Jr.: 2990 Per­ryville Road, Cazen­ovia, for $132,960. John Con­lan to Ali­cia Hib­bard: 944Marsh Mill Road, Chit­te­nango, for $164,800. Lynn Quonce to Brandi Bon­sel: 5844Creek Road, Oneida, for $109,900. Don­ald Kins­ley to Main 248LLC: 248Main St., Oneida, for $250,000. Madi­son Con­crete to Car­rie Mon­troy: 2211Route 5, Chit­te­nango, for $135,000. Inge Hamer to Robert Ho­tal­ing: 5253Emhoff Road, Cazen­ovia, for $4,000. Wilmington Sav­ings Fund to Christina Paikin: 3255 Jaquin Road, Canas­tota, for $19,000. Paul John­son to Steven Hotchkiss: East Road, Cazen­ovia, for $35,000. Grover Har­ris IV to Amanda Gor­czyca: 243Bos­ton St., Oneida, for $81,620. Scott Hen­der­son to Justin Loomis: 218E. Sands St., Oneida, for $116,390. Lois Kampf to Rose Austin: 5929Mid­dle Road, Stock­bridge, for $100,000. Alan Thayer to Brad Locke: Bon­ney Hill Road, Hamil­ton, for $30,000. Louise Young to Bran­don Christ­man: 6023Lan­don Road, Eaton, for $74,500. Ger­ald Ray­mond to Na­tion­star Mort­gage: 406 Seneca St., Oneida, for $92,496. Steven Przypek to Brian Han­ley Jr.: 1943Hick­ory St., Chit­te­nango, for $163,500. Gary East­man to Christopher East­man: 5236S Main St., Stock­bridge, for $17,000. Gary East­man to Christopher East­man: 5234 Park St., Stock­bridge, for $40,000. Fed­eral Na­tional Mtg. to Steven Diveron­ica: 251S. Peter­boro St., Canas­tota, for $26,000. Mau­reen New­man to Christopher Cleve­land: Bon­ney Hill Road, Hamil­ton, for $46,500. Blake Bat­tin to Katie Larock: 593Sayles St., Oneida, for $112,000. CNY Home to Melissa Ward: 1055Oat­man Cir­cle Canas­tota, for $140,000. . The fol­low­ing deeds were among those recorded in the Madi­son County clerk’s of­fice from Feb. 5-9, 2018. Justin Twiss to Joshua Twiss: 4100Pratts Road, Eaton, for $10,000. James Ma­son to John Little: 2567Pine Ridge Road, Canas­tota, for $40,000. Cyn­thia Spencer to Riehlman Fam­ily: Muller Hill Road, Ge­orge­town, for $83,696. Matthew Kaiser to Shane Peters: 346Wil­liams St., Oneida, for $86,000. Bold­wind LLC to Terps17 LLC: 114Al­bany St., Cazen­ovia, for $185,000. Michael Der­mody to Ben­jamin Bar­denett: Ea­ton­brook Cazen­ovia, for $10,000. Michael Hop­sicker to Stephen Brown: 39 Chenango St., Cazen­ovia, for $665,000. Coun­try­side FCU to Christopher Tad­deo: 1517Kin­der­hook Road, Chit­te­nango, for $65,000. Fisher Bay to Robert Ucchino: 156Har­bour Town Chit­te­nango, for $106,000. Robert Arm­strong to John Grime: 2433Bal­lina Road, Cazen­ovia, for $239,000. Pa­trick Parker to John Bon­vi­cino III: 6713Peter­boro Road, Stock­bridge, for $75,000. Bar­bara Klein to Sun­day Best Prop: 360Frank Road, Madi­son, for $246,000. Char­lotte Oakes to Ran­dallsville New Life Church: 1505Ran­dallsville Road, Hamil­ton, for $85,000. John Mer­cu­rio to Oneida In­dian Na­tion: 430-434 Route 31, Chit­te­nango, for $400,000. Sheila Ben to U.S Bank: 122Rich­mond Cir­cle, Chit­te­nango, for $367,585. Larry Brown to Citi­mort­gage: 4529Route 20, Mor­risville, for $181,485.45. Steven Kem­per to Vin­cent De­marzio: 4030Dou­glas Heights Drive, Canas­tota, for $126,000. Donna Maltzan to Doreen Maltzen: 1081Camp­bell Road, Earlville, for $55,200. . The fol­low­ing deeds were among those recorded in the Madi­son County clerk’s of­fice from Feb. 12-16, 2018. Kuryla Trust to Bradley Hil­leges: 504Da­mon Pt. Road, Bridge­port, for $60,000. Brett Spencer to City of Oneida: 438Sconon­doa St., Oneida, for $65,517. G. Joshua Perkins to Jean Dana-Mel­ton: 4735 Route 13N, Cazen­ovia, for $60,000. Jack Cush­man to Oneida In­dian Na­tion: 500 Route 31, Bridge­port, for $125,000. Rus­sell Devito to M+T Bank: 118Brinker­hoff Hill Road, Chit­te­nango, for $74,061. Amanda carey to Bayview Loan Svce.: 11298E. Cen­ter St., Leonardsville, for $70,035.40. Fed­eral Home Loan to Tr­isha Green­wood: 5258 Wag­ner Road, Earlville, for $50,000. RoseWalsh to Carolyn Lints: 215Chap­pell St., Oneida, for $66,000. John Ave­nia to Richard Dropp: 4320Route 20, Mor­risville, for $18,900. Key­bank to Stephanie Smith: 200Glo­ria Lane, Chit­te­nango, for $170,000. ACMG to The Hu­man­i­tar­ian Church: 2733Erieville Road, Erieville, for $32,500. James Galavotti to Vi­jay Ko­dali: 340Rose­wood Cir­cle, Canas­tota, for $280,000. John Stoker to Shawn Bur­bidge: Nel­son Road, Cazen­ovia, for $4,640. Lucinda Lang­man to Doreen Corbin: Stan­bro Road, Brook­field, for $30,000. Es­tate of Lil­lian Felix to Kimberly Kent: 3707Ea­ton­brook Road, Erieville, for $108,500. HUD to Shawn Jones: 4555Ro­her Road, Mor­risville, for $74,000. John Suressi Jr. to Emily Arm­stron: 3983Old State Road, Erieville, for $32,000. Jean­nine Bel­larosa to Ti­mothy Janczuk: 4272 Mut­ton Hill Road, Cazen­ovia, for $447,700. Veron­ica Strong to Re­becca Dust: 359Earl Ave., Oneida, for $130,000. Linda Colvin to Ab­bott Trust: 507Fultz Drive, Oneida, for $65,000. . The fol­low­ing deeds were among those recorded in the Madi­son County clerk’s of­fice from Feb. 19-23, 2018. Heath Win­kler to Jil­lian Gallerani: 1641Al­bany St., Deruyter, for $50,000. Curt Sager to WSWRealty: 2285-2287Route 5, Chit­te­nango, for $152,000. Block­lin Trust to Richard Furlong Jr.: 2535Lake Mo­ri­ane Road, Madi­son, for $166,000. Jeri Jen­nings to Michael Peryer: 5762Peter­boro Road, Munnsville, for $180,000. John Cochran to M. Bur­ton Marshall: 7Charles St., Hamil­ton, for $180,000. Church Of Res­ur­rec­tion to Ti­mothy Dono­van: 6345 Brown Road, Eaton, for $139,000. Bar­bara Dickerson-De­mott to MTGLQ In­vestors: 7144Beebe Bridge Road, Canas­tota, for $346,097.69. Galavotti Town­houses to Black Spruce Asc: 1200 Galavotti Place, Canas­tota, for $450,000. Michael Pod­gorski to Richard Raab: Fair­banks Road, Cazen­ovia, for $33,000. Don­ald Danyew to Jef­frey Por­teus: 2865Ea­ton­brook Road, Eaton, for $143,000. Ti­mothy Hecker to Beau Shively: 10865Hol­low Road, Brook­field, for $159,900. Dale Henry to Stephen Burt: 3685Lake­view Lane, Cazen­ovia, for $169,000. Penny Snyder to Pa­trick Scott: 3201Cody Road, Cazen­ovia, for $154,250. Chris­tian Suarez to Richard Gerem­ski: 119Rich­mond Cir­cle Chit­te­nango, for $200,000. An­thony Hart to David Cole­man: 103Lou St., Chit­te­nango, for $121,500. Michael Skoven­ski to John Wi­ley: 5504Wil­liams Road, Stock­bridge, for $50,000. TDK Prop­erty Of Oneida to Xena Hold­ings: 1553 Up­per Lenox, Oneida, for $3,100,000.

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