These tips will steer car­port pro­ject in the right direc­tion

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Ques­tion: My son just turned 16 and bought a car. I want to build a car­port on the side of the garage. It is not vis­i­ble from the street, so its looks are not im­por­tant. What is a sim­ple car­port de­sign?

An­swer: Car­ports are par­tic­u­larly easy to build be­cause the sides are open. The build­ing codes for un­en­closed ad­di­tions are usu­ally less strict than for en­closed rooms. You might also have more flex­i­bil­ity about where you can put it on your lot. Check your lo­cal build­ing codes and zon­ing be­fore be­gin­ning any such pro­ject.

One of the sim­plest car­port de­signs uses a slightly sloped ledger plate at­tached to the side of the garage, and ver­ti­cal wooden posts along the other side. Once the ba­sic struc­ture is com­pleted, the top can be cov­ered with any roof­ing ma­te­rial. Cor­ru­gated PVC sheet­ing is an easy-to-use and durable ma­te­rial.

In most cli­mates, run the roof cor­ru­ga­tions par­al­lel to the garage wall so that wa­ter runs off the end that slopes down. In­stall a gut­ter and down­spout on that end so that the car does not get splashed as wa­ter runs off.

The ba­sic con­struc­tion method is sim­i­lar to build­ing a deck, ex­cept that the car­port is higher off the ground. At­tach a 2-by10-inch ledger plate to the side of the garage to sup­port the roof. Use ma­sonry bolts if you are at­tach­ing it to brick or blocks.

If the side of the garage has sid­ing, cut away part of the sid­ing so that the ledger rests against the sheath­ing. Bolt it to the wall studs.

In­stall ver­ti­cal posts — prob­a­bly three for the typ­i­cal car­port length — to sup­port the other side. Dig holes and ta­per them wider at the bot­tom. Set the posts in the holes; fill them with con­crete.

Leave a con­crete “crown” on the top so that wa­ter doesn’t pud­dle around them. Fol­low lo­cal codes for siz­ing and spac­ing the roof­ing joists.

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