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I grow­mostly or­ganic and find that do­ing so is some­times dif­fi­cult down here in the swamp. But like my grand­mother al­ways said, “You are what you eat.” That 4-foot, 11-inch pil­lar of strength lived by the golden rule and had me as her pri­mary slave in the gar­den that sup­plied her kitchen. Mary Hill was a gi­ant in the fight to grow clean or­ganic food

Now letme tell you about a mod­ern way of gar­den­ing that is rel­a­tively new: ge­net­i­cally mod­i­fied (GM) foods. Com­pa­nies cre­ate dif­fer­ent species from com­mon food items, such as veg­gies and milk, and other prod­ucts, such as her­bi­cides.

The DNA is com­pro­mised to pro­vide a new prod­uct — a prod­uct that is some­times ben­e­fi­cial but that many con­sider detri­men­tal to hu­mans.

A book— Seeds of De­cep­tion by Jef­fery M. Smith — fo­cuses on GM foods. It is a good read and will en­lighten you about how sci­en­tists think. One ex­am­ple: Sys­temic pes­ti­cides are put in seeds to com­bat in­sects, but they stay in the veg­gies/fruits; then we eat them.

Enough of that. I was go­ing to talk about some of the ma­te­ri­als and re-agents that I use here in the swamp. As you know, I use ben­e­fi­cial bugs and ben­e­fi­cial nat­u­ral el­e­ments to coun­ter­act the in­va­sion of my gar­den and or­chard by varmints, bugs, molds and dis­eases.

Most of the time, I use soap and wa­ter plus some nasty nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ents. Many times, I buy some in­sects and lar­vae to com­bat the in­vaders. At other times, I buy ex­u­dates to kill or in­hibit­mold and disease. Lastly, I use crazy old Florida Cracker de­fenses or cures that work. I’ll tell you about them.

The soap-and-wa­ter stuff: mix 1 gal­lon of wa­ter, 1 ounce of soap, 1 chew of to­bacco, and 2 to 3 shots of hot sauce.

Ben­e­fi­cial in­sects in­clude la­dy­bugs, green lacewing preda­tors, pray­ing man­tises and ben­e­fi­cial ne­ma­todes.

Some of the crazy things that I have learned over the years from gar­den­ers and old Florida Crack­ers...

• Take a rolled-up news­pa­per or mag­a­zine and whack the trunk of a bar­ren fruit tree to make it pro­duce fruit.

• Throw some old burnt wood around your gar­den to keep the bugs away and pro­duce great crops.

• Plant dur­ing the right time of the moon cy­cle to have a good crop. Read the Farm­ers Almanac to de­ter­mine plant­ing times and what the weather will be for the year.

• The fi­nal smart thing for all who gar­den: Check the sun’s path on June 21 and Dec. 21 to find its ce­les­tial path and the per­fect place for your gar­den or or­chard.

We are but the ser­vants of na­ture. Pho­to­syn­the­sis, aided by the sun, and the el­e­ments of na­ture re­ally make the prod­ucts we eat. Re­mem­ber. to grow as nat­u­rally as pos­si­ble.

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