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Ques­tion: I need to re­paint a bed­room that has painted pan­el­ing on it, but it looks like the pan­el­ing is warped. I can­not af­ford to re­place the pan­el­ing at this time. What can I do to cover it up?

An­swer: Paint is a bril­liant dec­o­rat­ing tool, but it won’t fix a warped wall. Whether you rent or own, you should look into what has caused the warp­ing. Is there wa­ter or damp­ness be­hind the wall? This should be taken care of be­fore any more dam­age en­sues. That be­ing said, there are many ways to dec­o­rate th­ese ve­neer (or ply­wood) pan­els that will act as a kind of cam­ou­flage as well as build on a par­tic­u­lar theme or style. Why not add a chair rail to break up the wall?

Shown here, the up­per walls have a base coat of cream white and a darker taupe dry-brushed over the cream to break up the color. The wain­scot­ing started with a rusty red base coat, then was cov­ered with a coat of teal. Once dry, the sur­face was sanded lightly to re­veal some of the red paint un­derneath.

This gives the im­pres­sion of wear and tear over time. As a fin­ish­ing touch, sten­cils were ap­plied to the up­per walls us­ing the panel grooves to line up the de­signs. The colors and worn-paint tech­niques com­plete the room’s her­itage folk coun­try theme, per­fect for a bed­room or din­ing room. PAINT­ING DATED WOOD PAN­ELS

Ques­tion: We have a sec­ond home in a lake­side com­mu­nity built in the late ’50s with chest­nut col­ored wood pan­el­ing in the open liv­ing/din­ing room area. It feels very dated, and we’d like to paint but hes­i­tate be­cause the pan­els are real wood. Do you have any sug­ges­tions for paint, tech­nique and out­come?

An­swer: If you are look­ing to up­date th­ese rooms, there is no rea­son to hold back. Two coats of a creamy white paint will look warm and rich as well as lighten the space. You also will dis­cover that the white paint will en­hance the mold­ing de­tails on the pan­eled walls. If the wood pan­els don’t cover the en­tire wall and there is space above, then ex­per­i­ment with two fin­ishes. Paint the pan­els a solid white and choose a shade of paint or a wall­pa­per de­sign that is on trend for the up­per wall. Rus­tic Coun­try is very pop­u­lar, show­ing all tones of gray, na­ture themes and splashes of strong pas­tels.

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